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Farnam Vetrolin Bath Shampoo 32 oz

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Style Code : 72-553247-STD

    • Great for horses and dogs.
    • Premium quality, high sudsing shampoo.
    • Protein-enriched conditioning shampoo washes away dirt and dandruff with a rich, thick lather.
    • Protects skin and coat.
    • Rinses out quickly and easily leaving coat shiny and manageable.
  • Clean has never felt or smelled so good. Concentrated Vetrolin Bath, now with Argan Oil, cleans gently and effectively. Rich lather foams away dirt, skin debris and dandruff. Argan Oil, rich in Omega-6 fatty acids, strengthens hair and provides additional shine. Protein-enriched conditioners and PABA sunscreen protect skin and hair from environmental pollutants. Vetrolin Bath with Argan Oil rinses fast, leaving only a healthy shine and the Bath fresh, familiar Vetrolin fragrance.

    Directions for Use
    Vetrolin Bath is easy and economical to use. Mix 2 to 4 ounces of Vetrolin Bath in 2 gallons of water in a bucket. Wet horse’s coat thoroughly and lather entire body. Let stand for 3 minutes. Rinse. For superb sheen and manageability, follow with Vetrolin Shine.

    Ingredients: Three Specially Formulated Surfactants, Conditioners, Amino Acids And Vitamin E.

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Farnam Vetrolin Bath Shampoo 32 oz