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Uta Graf's Effortless Dressage Program

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  • At last the dressage world has a sensible means of reconciling classical idealism with show-ring aspirations! Uta Gräf has made a name for herself as a trailblazer in the international dressage scene, advocating for a method of combining the highest levels of performance with natural horse care and conscientious training. The system she uses has proven to turn talented prospects into happy athletes, while transforming "not-so-perfect" dressage horses into willing and able partners. In these pages, Gräf shares her schooling exercises, as well as the techniques she uses to incorporate groundwork, long-lining, trail riding, creative play, bombproofing, and turnout in her training program. The result is dressage that makes reaching your riding goals look and seem easy—even effortless—while ensuring a healthy, contented horse.

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Uta Graf's Effortless Dressage Program