CoolMax is dedicated to providing functional products at affordable prices for our customers. Equestrians live active lifestyles that require technical and comfortable fabrics that will hold up to barn work, riding and are fashion forward. You don’t have to settle!

CoolMax fabric technology synchronizes with your body to accelerate the natural cooling process. Sweating is the body’s natural response to an elevated body temperature, capturing heat along with metabolic waste and pulls it away from the body. CoolMax fabric wicks moisture away from the skin. Using a specialized cross fiber shape, moisture is encouraged to rise to the exterior of the fabric in order to expose it to the air for evaporative cooling.  Whether you are in the middle of a tough workout or just enjoying the hot summer sun, CoolMax fabric keeps you cool all day long!

CoolMax fabric technology can be found in many designs by TuffRider,  Equine Couture and Baker. Your horse can experience the benefits of CoolMax technology too with Henri de Rivel fine tack products and TuffRider horse clothing. CoolMax apparel is a smart addition to your riding wardrobe and your tack trunk!