Reward Points

Welcome to our Reward Points Program 

Effective July 5, 2018
Now get Reward Points when you shop / refer at, no matter how you pay. If you are a registered customer, you will be automatically enrolled in our Rewards Program. If you are not, then register with us and save even more as you shop! 

With Rewards Program, you get benefits of best prices and also earn Reward Points for every purchase made.

How Reward Points Program work.
• Reward Points Program is applicable to registered customers only
• You earn reward points equal to 50% of your order value exclusive of the shipping charges and taxes as applicable. Every 10 reward points gets converted to $1 on redemption. 
For e.g: If your order value is $200 exclusive of the shipping charges and taxes as applicable, you earn 100 reward points. 100 reward points are equivalent to $10 and can be redeemed in your future purchase.
• You can also earn reward points by sending invitations to your friends by logging in to your account on There are 2 ways to send invitations:
a) Send invitations to one or more friends from My Account > My Referrals
b) Send invitations to one or more friends from any category landing page or product page
When a referred friend makes the first order, you get rewarded with 100 points (Equivalent to $10) once the shipment is generated for that order. The points are automatically added to your account.
• You earn 10 reward points when you Share/Like a page on using your Facebook account.
• You earn 10 reward points when you Pin a page on using your Pinterest account. 
• You earn 10 reward points when you Share a page on using your Google Plus account.
• You can redeem your reward points from the shopping cart page
• There is no expiry date for the reward points you accumulate while shopping as a registered customer
• The reward points get updated to your account as soon as shipment is generated for your order
• You will receive an email informing about your reward points status
• You can view your reward points by logging to your account under My Account > My Reward Points
• For any canceled order, the reward points earned or redeemed will be rolled back

Reward Points can be used toward the purchase of gift certificates, have no monetary value, are not transferable, may not be redeemed for cash and are for promotional purposes only. reserves the exclusive right to terminate and/or modify the Rewards Program in any manner, at any time, without limitation, including the adjustment of points percentages earned per dollar spent without prior notice to participants.

Reward Points cannot be gifted, inherited or otherwise transferred to any company or individual. Attempts by customers to co-mingle, sell or otherwise transfer Reward Points not in accordance with these Terms and Conditions will result in forfeiture of Program Membership.

The Reward Points Program can be canceled at any time and upon cancellation, the customers will have 90 days to redeem their Reward Points, or they will become null and void.

If, at the sole discretion of, any customer or participant deemed to be participating in a manner not consistent with the Program’s overall intent, reserves the right to terminate the participants account without notice and without further compensation to the Member.

For more information, you can get in touch with our Customer Care Service at
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100 Hillside Drive
Drums, PA 18222