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Jacks Ultra-Sel Gallon


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  • Ultra-Sel™ combines optimal selenium absorption and high bioavailability vitamin E with MULTI-PLEX magnesium, a proprietary brand of magnesium to support muscle metabolism. The unique magnesium blend provides quick absorption in the stomach as well as sustained absorption beyond the stomach. The blend includes a high absorption of chelated organic magnesium which provides protection against potassium interference. Potassium in the diet can render many magnesium products useless, or deplete their effectiveness.

    For horses in low selenium areas or those requiring a performance level of selenium in the blood. Also for use on horses experiencing muscle soreness problems and those prone to tying-up syndrome.

    -Maintenance - mix 1 oz. (30ml) daily per 500 lbs. (Approx. 225 kg) animal weight into feed.
    -Intense Work - mix 1 oz. (30ml) twice daily per 500 lbs. (Approx. 225 kg) animal weight into feed.

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Jacks Ultra-Sel Gallon