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Winners Equine X-Treme Air Daily Respiratory Health Treatment 30 Day Supply


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    About Product
    Winners Equine Products X-Treme Air Daily Respiratory Health Treatment features a proprietary blend of the highest quality natural ingredients including botanicals, herbs and vitamins.

    Compliant with EFI and USEF regulations. Can be used in all racingjurisdictions and will not test.

    X-Treme Air Racing Protocol:
    Step 1. X-Treme Air Daily herbs as directed, every day.
    Step 2. X-Treme Air 3 Day Pre-Event, starring 3 days before event or breeze. Continue with daily herbs as well.
    Step 3. X-Treme Boost Paste 4 - 6 hours before event. For extra protection give one full tube the night before and one tube the morning of the event.
    Step 4. Follow Winners Equine Products Do's and Don'ts nutrition protocol for maximum success. Here is a suggested list of Do's and Don'ts for horses that bleed.

    Don'ts...Cut out these things as much as possible:
    -Sugar and high sugar products
    -Corn and corn products
    -Vegetable oil that contains corn
    -B-12. While B-12 is great for many horses, it is not good for horses that bleed or have respiratory issues.

    Do's....Things that you can substitute with much better benefits without negative consequences:
    -Beet pulp or beet pulp based grain
    -Fresh ground flax seed
    -Cut your sweet feed 50/50 with a high protein/fat grain with low or no sugar/no molasses, NSC (non-structural carbohydrates).
    -Substitute honey in place of sugar/molasses. This will sweeten the food naturally. Use locally harvested honey when possible. This will help with allergies and honey is a natural antibiotic.
    -Rice bran oil
    -Vitamin C
    -Proper veterinary care
    -Use Winners Equine X-Treme Daily Respiratory Treatment as directed.
    -Use Winners Equine X-Treme 3 day and X-Treme Boost before the event.

    Winners Equine Daily Respiratory Health Treatment will not only help your horse to slow or stop bleeding but will also help with inflammation, circulation, mucus control, allergies, hoof growth, brain function, stamina and many other benefits. If you have questions about nutrition or our products, we at Winners Equine Products are here to help! By making these changes your horse will feel better and perform better.

    Did you know horses on layup and stall rest will benefit from these daily herbs? Because of the dust from shavings, hay and environment allergens horses will get mucus and allergy symptoms, but Winners Equine Daily herbs will help them stay healthy.

    Why are Winners Equine products able to help with so many things?Because when the respiratory system is working at full capacity, the oxygen level in the blood is increased which effects the entire body in a positive way.

    Note: Winners Equine Products are designed for healing and they are preventative maintenance products. If a horse has a lung infection, treat with veterinary protocols and use X-Treme Air Daily Treatment to rebuild and maintain respiratory health and wellness. Scientifically designed to help your horse win!
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