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Life Data

Life Data Sweat Formula


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About Product
  • Pellets.
  • 11lb bag (30 day supply for a 1,000lb horse)
  • Increases blood flow in hoof
  • Includes Active Ingredients to Also Improve Overall Skin Condition.
  • Formulated to Enhance Your Horse's Ability to Sweat.

Life Data Sweat Formula contains a combination of vitamins minerals that can help you to support healthy normal sweating. Horses, like humans, regulate their body temperature through the evaporation of sweat. Anhidrosis in horses is the inability or reduced capacity to sweat. Horse's who do not sweat are susceptible to dangerous conditions such as hyperthermia, requiring immediate action to help cool them down. Life Data Sweat Formula provides active ingredients that can help to induce the horse's ability to sweat. Also contains proprietary ingredients designed to promote the growth of healthy skin. Pellets.

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