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Redmond Rock Crushed w/Garlic

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    • Garlic formula keeps your horse comfortable and protects skin by naturally repelling biting insects.
    • Formulated specifically for horses, Redmond Rock Crushed with Garlic contains a complete balance of over 60 trace minerals.
    • Garlic is friendly to the gut; it promotes good flora while inhibiting disease-promoting bacteria and parasites.
    • Rich in selenium to deliver antioxidant defense and support immune and thyroid function.
    • Garlic aids the respiratory system and naturally helps treat and prevent lung diseases and infections.
  • Bites and stings are bothersome to your horse and can turn into painful sores. Crushed with Garlic keeps your horse comfortable by naturally repelling pesky insects.

    Redmond Rock Crushed with garlic is a completely natural granular mineral sea salt. It contains a complete balance of over 60 trace minerals—plus combines the pest-repelling power of garlic. It’s also naturally rich in selenium and supports good gut health. Redmond Rock Crushed with Garlic naturally repels flies and insects and contains 60+ loose minerals horses need. Give your horse the health-promoting benefits of minerals and garlic and reduce painful bites and stings. Redmond Rock Crushed is a proven electrolyte replacement that prevents dehydration and supports active horses’ energy demands.

    Horse owners provide salts licks for horses to replace essential trace minerals and to trigger their thirst for water. But not all salt licks are created equal. Manufactured, pressed horse blocks usually contain six or seven artificially-added minerals. All-natural Redmond Rock has 63+ beneficial trace minerals for horses. Unrefined Salt, Garlic Oil
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Redmond Rock Crushed w/Garlic