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We realize how challenging it can be to choose a saddle if you can't ride in it on your horse. Therefore, we have created a Saddle Test Ride Program with both you and your horse in mind!

Here is how it works!

• Choose the saddle that you think will work best for you and your horse - (if you have any questions regarding fit or sizing please feel free to contact us -

• We will ship it and charge your credit card for the saddle and shipping.

• Girth it up and ride in it for up to 7 days!

• Please email us if you are keeping the saddle so that we can refund your shipping cost.

• If you decide not to keep the saddle you can return it for full credit. (Does not include shipping costs). We will even send a return label with the saddle for your • convenience!

• We reserve the right to charge a 15% restocking fee should the trial saddle come back damaged or scratched. Examples of damage include but are not limited to: Scratches, stains, dings, excessive wear, torn leather or a broken tree.

• For your protection, we advise that the return saddle is insured against loss.
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