5 Reasons Why We’re Grateful for Our Barn Moms

5 Reasons Why We’re Grateful for Our Barn Moms

Equestrians are lucky to have some of the greatest moms out there. They not only support our passion, but go above and beyond so we can live out our dream. There are countless reasons why we’re grateful for our barn moms.

Whether it's been taking us to our first lesson at six years old or hauling our horses to a show, barn moms have been looking out for us. They work tirelessly to make it possible for us to ride and even show. 


Reasons Why We’re Grateful for Our Barn Moms

Barn moms are truly a special gift. They are dedicated to their kids and the horses that their kids so dearly love. You are very lucky if you have a mom who supports your horse obsession. 


1. She Has Been There For All Your Lessons

Barn moms are troopers. They drive their horse-crazy kids to their lessons, no matter what season it is. Moms will patently sit and watch every riding lesson, watching their child grow as an equestrian. 

A barn mom is always happy to watch her kid ride. Sometimes, she may get nervous seeing you ride, but she is still dedicated to watching. Even when her kid grows up and is able to drive, she still enjoys coming to the lessons. 


2. She Listens to Everything You Have to Say About Horses

Any equestrian loves to talk about horses to anyone who is willing to listen. Horse-crazy kids especially love to talk about horses 24/7 to their moms. Barn moms are champs, as they happily listen to anything their kids have to say about horses.



3. She Is Patient About Your Dirty and Smelly Barn Clothes

After a long summer day at the barn, most kids will come from stinky and dirty. A barn mom is patient and understanding when it comes to barn clothes laundry. She understands that dirty boots and random shavings around the house are just part of being an equestrian.

She even lets you get away with washing dirty horse blankets and saddle pads at home. Even though it can be messy, she understands it's just part of being an equestrian.


4. She Helps With Grooming and Caring For Your Horse

Your mom didn’t have to learn how to groom your horse, but she did. She helps with different barn chores such as brushing or taking your horse out to graze. Even if she might have been nervous at first, she learned to get past her fears to help you and your horse.

Whether you keep your horses at home or board them at a barn, she is willing to help you out. She is dedicated to keeping not only you, but your horse happy.


5. She is a Great Supporter and Helper at Horse Shows

If you compete at horse shows, you know how great it is to have your mom there to help and support you. She is always there to cheer you on and congratulate you on your ride, no matter how you placed. She will do your hair, help you with your makeup and make sure your number is on straight. 


The Best of the Best

Barn moms are truly one of a kind. You can always count on them to be there for all your horse needs no matter what your age is. Don’t forget to remind your barn mom how special  she is and how much she means to you and your horse!

Written by Michael Dehaan

Bio - Michael Dehaan is founder and editor in chief at Best Horse Rider. When he is not in his stable grooming his gentle mares and fierce stallions, he is riding across the fields and meadows near his home in Oklahoma. Michael has been working with horses all his life, acquiring rich experience and professional insights which he happily shares with other fellow equestrians.

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