girl stands next to grey horse wearing helmet and back protector, both horse riding safety gear.

Essential Horse Riding Safety Gear for Horse & Rider

Are you a stickler for safety or do you sometimes skip the helmet on a particularly hot day? Think twice before skipping your horse riding safety gear. According to one article from  Ohio State, “Of common childhood injuries, only being struck by a car had a higher severity score than equestrian-related injuries.”

No matter how experienced you are or how gentle your horse is, you really should prioritize wearing the right horse riding safety gear every time you mount up. Even while working horses on the ground, it’s always a good idea to wear the right apparel to protect yourself. 

Horse riding safety gear isn’t just for the riders. It’s also important to take the right steps to minimize injury to your horse both under saddle and on the ground. Not only could the right tack and equipment save you from a hefty vet bill, but all equestrians should want to do the right thing to keep their horse safe, including using horse riding safety gear. 

TuffRider Has Your Back

You may have seen eventers power around cross country courses wearing bulky body protectors that make them look a little bit like the Michelin Man. A back protector is similar to a body protector, but it’s more suitable for everyday use. Back protectors may look like a body protector at first glance, but there are several important differences. 

Back protectors prioritize safeguarding the spine and don’t protect your internal organs. There are a few advantages to this approach. The vests are more flexible and lightweight, so riders are more apt to wear them on a daily basis, even on hot or humid days. Back protectors also tend to be much less expensive than full body protectors, making safety more affordable for all riders. 

girl wearing horse riding safety gear sits on a log next to a golden retriever

The new  TuffRider Flex Pro Back Protector features complete protection of the upper body and back for both adults and children. Designed with high-quality, lightweight, impact-absorbing materials, the Flex Pro ensures reliable defense without weighing you down. Its ergonomic construction seamlessly adapts to your body, enabling enhanced mobility, while the adjustable side Velcro closures guarantee a personalized fit. This back protector is certified according to EN 1621-2:2014, which is the same standard used for motorcycles. 

Protect Your Feet

As equestrians, we put our feet through a lot. Dodging heavy horse hooves, trudging through mud, walking circles through deep arena sand, and much more. Having an injured foot can keep you out of the saddle and away from the barn for a long time. High-quality footwear is an important piece of horse riding safety gear, even though many wouldn’t think of a good pair of boots as safety equipment. 

With the right footwear, you can prevent blisters by keeping your feet dry and free from mud that can chafe and rub. If your boots don’t have a high-quality tread, you could find yourself slipping and falling on ice in the winter or wet rubber mats in the summer. The last thing you want to do is fall on the ground next to a large and easily spooked horse. A sturdy pair of boots can also help to lessen the impact when a horse inevitably steps on your foot. 

horse riding safety gear includes footwear. Legs wearing brown muck boots walking through a stream

The  TuffRider Galloway Country Boots are up to the task of keeping your feet safe at the barn. Thanks to their waterproof construction, they’re able to handle rainy and muddy days. A nylon lining offers optimal breathability and helps prevent sweaty feet, which contribute to blisters. The memory foam footbed means you’ll be able to get all your barn chores done without sore feet. A thick rubber outsole and sturdy construction will keep you on your feet, even in slippery situations.  

Travel Safe with Shipping Boots

We take a risk every time we load our horses onto a trailer. We’re trusting all of the other drivers on the road to drive safely near our trailer and we’re trusting our horse to behave and make smart decisions while traveling. The reality is that we can’t reduce all the risks of trailering. We can’t personally ask all other drivers to drive more carefully or slowly around us. But we can add extra horse riding safety gear to our horses. 

Shipping boots cover our horse’s legs from above the knee or hock, all the way down to the fetlock. These thickly padded boots are strapped on using Velcro and protect our horses from their kicking neighbor, the surrounding metal, and even their own hooves if they become unbalanced and step on themselves.

horse riding safety gear, four horses poke their heads out of a white trailer 

The  TuffRider Shipping Boots come in three different sizes: cob, horse, and pony. The outer shell is made of a durable and water repellent 600 Denier Polyester that makes them both rugged and easy to clean. Filled with a 15mm pu foam, these boots have a fleece lining for the horse’s comfort. 

Brushing Boots to Safeguard Your Horse’s Legs

Do you ride your horse in boots? Or do you ride your horse bare-legged? While not every horse must wear boots every time you ride, boots do help to minimize the risk of injury. Because of the way some horses move, they may knock their legs together or even clip one of their legs with a hoof. Known as interference, this phenomenon can be almost entirely resolved by using boots. Full coverage boots, like brushing boots, can also protect your horse’s legs from poles when jumping and soften the blow if they knock their legs against any sort of equipment, from cavalettis to barrels. 

horse riding safety gear, cowboy on a chestnut horse herds white cows at sunset

Professional’s Choice Ventech Brushing Boots provide some of the best protection on the market. An extra-strong PVC padded strike patch covers the inside and front of the horse’s leg, while strong Velcro straps secure the boot to the leg. If you’re worried about overheating during exercise, these boots feature a breathable Ventech lining that promotes airflow. Designed by a brand you can trust, these boots are under a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee/Six-Month w­arranty. 

Mind Your Melon

When most people think of horse riding safety gear, a good helmet is probably one of the first things that come to mind. According to an article from  Ohio State University, “Approximately 10%-30% of horse-related injuries are head injuries. In fact, of all sports in the U.S., equestrian sports are the most common cause of sports-related traumatic brain injury (TBI) in adults.” 

We only get one brain. Cherish it and protect it by wearing a helmet  every time you ride. When choosing a helmet, proper fit is more important than any brand loyalty or fashion trend. An ill-fitting helmet can fall over your eyes, leaving you blind, give you a headache, or fail to protect your head effectively. To learn how to fit a helmet properly,  click here

tuffrider essential helmet horse riding safety gear

The  TuffRider Essential Helmet is a brand new helmet that offers a fashionable look at an affordable price. With a gloss ventilated trim on a matte finish, this helmet will look at home both in the competition arena and at your next lesson or schooling ride. Thanks to an adjustable dial, you can ensure a custom fit every time you put the helmet on, whether you’re wearing your hair up or down. The ABS outer shell of the helmet provides strength and protection against possible impacts and helps to distribute and absorb the force of impacts, reducing the risk of injury. The high quality EPS inner layer adds extra protection by reducing the amount of energy transferred to a rider's head during impact.

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Outsiders view equestrian sports as low effort and low risk. Equestrians know the truth. Horseback riding requires grit, perseverance, and the right horse riding safety gear. If you’re sick of running from tack store to tack store searching for all the equipment you need, start shopping online at On our online tack store, you’ll find all the brands you trust at accessible prices. 

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