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Everything You Need for Riding in the Rain

Many people love the rain. The sound of its pitter-patter on the roof and the peaceful atmosphere it creates provide the perfect setting for sleeping in, reading books, and otherwise enjoying a relaxing rainy day. But for equestrians, rainy days mean muddy horses, slippery ground, and fewer days to ride. Luckily, with the right equestrian riding gear, horseback riders can make the best of rainy weather and still go for a ride. 

Downpour-Proof Rain Coat

equestrian riding gear rain coat

Have you ever bought a rain jacket that claims to be waterproof only to find out it’s really only “water-resistant?” You won’t have that problem with the  Equine Couture Downpour Rain Jacket. This jacket ends just below the middle of your thigh to provide additional coverage on wet days. A two-way front zipper and side zippers allow you to customize the fit and breathability of the coat.

Right down to the two buttons on the collar and zippered pockets, this jacket is designed to keep rain out. As far as rainy day equestrian riding gear goes, this jacket is a must-have. 

Say No to Wet Socks

horse trail riding gear muck boots

Wet socks. Just the thought of it makes you go “ugh.” Wet socks mean cold feet, rubs, blisters, and even fungal infections. When you’re spending a long day at the barn, what you wear on your feet makes a big difference in the quality of your day, and the quality of your health.

The  TuffRider Galloway Country Boots are the perfect solution. With a leather upper and rubber outsole, these boots are suitable for any weather, rain or shine. Because of their waterproof construction, it’s almost a guarantee that your socks will stay dry in even the wettest conditions. Plus, you’ll be comfortable all day long, thanks to their memory foam footbed and breathable  nylon lining.

Synthetic Tack

If you have an indoor arena, you may not have considered this. But for horseback riders who only have access to an outdoor or grass ring, wet tack is a constant concern. While a little sprinkle is probably okay, too much rain can take a big toll on nice leather tack. If your saddle gets soaked, you’ll quickly find that rain can dry out the leather, cause it to warp, and even lead to the development of unpleasant conditions like mold. If you regularly ride in the rain, you may want to invest in some synthetic equestrian riding gear. 

Synthetic tack is remarkably rugged and durable. Because it’s not made of leather, it really doesn’t matter how wet it gets. As a matter of fact, a lot of horse trail riding gear is synthetic for the purpose of better holding up to water crossings and rainy days.

equestrian riding gear bridle

Many years ago, synthetic tack had a bad reputation for being unsightly or poor quality. We’re happy to note that those days are in the past. With bridles like the  Collegiate Syntovia Bridle, you can have synthetic, waterproof tack that would also look right at home in the show ring. 

Synthetic equestrian riding gear isn’t discipline specific. Those looking for horse trail riding gear or those who ride Western may prefer to invest in the  King Series Ryan Roper Saddle. This saddle looks like a traditional Western saddle, but is built on a rawhide-covered fiberglass tree with a synthetic cordura skirt and fenders. English riders may enjoy the  Yates Synthetic All Purpose Saddle, which is entirely made from synthetic material. 

Horse Boots That Won’t Hold Water

If you’re planning on riding in the rain, you have to be very careful about your choice of leg protection for your horse. Don’t use polo wraps or other fabric leg wraps in the rain. These types of leg protection hold onto water and loosen when wet. Riding with a half-undone polo wrap is a recipe for disaster and could lead to significant injuries for your horse. 

horse trail riding gear horse boots

Instead, make sure that whatever form of leg protection you choose won’t hold onto water. Cross country boots, like the  Pro Performance Mesh XC Boots, are designed to be worn in and out of water jumps and will shed water, instead of retain it. Boots that are designed like this have the added benefit of being extra breathable, thanks to the mesh construction. 

If you’re planning on hitting the trails in the rain, it’s important to take a look at your hoof boots if your horse wears them. Some hoof boots will hold water. While this doesn’t sound like a big deal at first, in reality it could cause rubs and soft tissue injuries due to the added weight of the waterlogged hoof boots. Don’t make your horse clamber along with mini bathtubs on their feet. Search for a hoof boot like the  Easyboot Fury Heart, which has built in drainage. 

Quick-Drying Apparel & Saddle Pads

equestrian riding gear sun shirt

Riding in wet clothing is setting yourself up for saddle sores and chafing. If you’re going to be riding in the rain, always choose quick-drying, moisture-wicking, and breathable horse trail riding gear. For example,  Lettia Ladies Sun Shirts offer sweat-wicking properties. The mesh inserts along the underarms will be dry before the rain even stops, while the soft nylon and spandex fabric will dry as you ride. 

Do you ride in leather half chaps? If you’re going to be riding in the rain, you may want to reconsider. The best rainy day equestrian riding gear is synthetic and breathable. The  TuffRider Air Mesh Half Chaps and Gloves offer the best of both worlds. Made from a combination of mesh and synthetic leather, these gloves and half chaps will dry quickly and maintain their grip even in rainy weather conditions. Plus, the gloves have a suede palm that will provide the grip you need to stay safe, even with wet, slippery reins. 

If friction and wet clothing equals chafing on your skin, the same is true for your horse. What saddle pad you use in rainy weather can make a big difference to your horse’s comfort. Choose well-padded and quick-drying equestrian riding gear that will protect your horse’s back, even when wet. The  Lettia CoolMax ProSeries is a great option, as the wither-relief padding provides extra cushioning and the moisture-wicking CoolMax fabric will move moisture away from your horse’s skin. 

Rainy Days Ahead– Do you have the equestrian riding gear you need?

We’re entering the rainiest part of the year. Are you prepared? If not, it’s time to gear up for wet weather in the days ahead. Shop for all of the spring equestrian riding gear you need in our  April Showers Collection. 

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