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Horse Themed Gifts for Kids


Shopping for the horse crazy kid on your Christmas list? We’ve put together the ultimate list of horse themed gifts for the young rider in your life. Whether they love to paint, read, play, or ride, we’ve got something for everyone. Keep reading to shop horse related gifts for kids below. 

For the Breyer Collector

breyer horse themed gifts for kids

Breyers are a staple in the life of most young riders. Whether they ride English or Western, or don’t ride at all, a Breyer horse or accessory is a thoughtful gift that has a high probability of being very well-received. 

If you know the equestrian you’re shopping for loves to collect Breyer’s classic figurines, add to their collection with  Secretariat. This  Breyer model of the 1973 triple crown champion is pictured mid-stride, displaying his trademark and still unbroken Kentucky Derby speed record of 1: 59 ⅖. Nicknamed “Big Red,” this Breyer model is an excellent horse themed gift that will both spark curiosity in your young rider and educate them about the storied history of this famous racehorse. 

If the young rider you’re shopping for loves to play hard with their toys, the  Breyer Farms Stable Playset is a great choice. Constructed of sturdy wood, this 7-stall model barn features lift-able roof panels and working doors and windows. It comes with everything your young rider needs to play hard, including two Stablemates scale horses, 12 pieces of fencing, feed bag, water trough, hay bale and sticker sheet to personalize the stable.

If you’re on a budget, but still want to give a Breyer horse related gift, the  Stablemates Red Stable Playset is a great and economical option. The small plastic three-stall barn comes with four corral fences, a horse jump, water trough, three racing barrels and two Stablemates horses. 

For the Bookworm

thelwell horse related gifts for kids

Does the horse crazy kid you’re shopping for love to read? Not all horse lovers spend their time at the barn. Yours might love to curl up with a good horsey book, instead. The Thelwell Series by Norman Thelwell is an equestrian classic that was first published in 1953. Full of comedic charm and relatable stories, these books are truly a must-have for the young equestrian and bookworm. 

Thelwell’s  Pony Panorama Book is a great choice as it features three different stories about a variety of disciplines. One story features Gymkhana, one features Western riding, and the last one features a classic Thelwell cartoon– Penelope and her naughty pony. 

Pony Cavalcade is another book featuring a collection of Thelwell stories to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Thelwell classic– Angels on Horseback. In this collection of classic tales, you can expect your young reader to find themselves enthralled with young show jumpers, days at the horse show, and light-hearted tales of naughty ponies. 

Last but not least, we have the 100th anniversary edition of  Penelope Rides Again. In this book, the adventures of Penelope continue. Thelwell's plucky, pint-sized equestrian is back in the saddle (or, more frequently, out of it) as she braves both showgrounds and countryside with the still-devilish pony, Kipper.

For the Budding Artist

mare and foal breyer horse themed gifts for kids

Is your young horse lover commonly found with paint on their hands, marker stains on the floor, or crayon drawings on the living room wall? Give them a safe outlet for their creativity with these horse themed gifts. 

If your young equestrian loves to do their hair, the  Breyer Daybreak Styling Head is the perfect combination of hairdresser and equestrian extraordinaire. This unique gift features an Andalusian horse head with an extra-long, thick, silky, no-tangle white mane for endless braiding and styling play. Plus, if your young rider wants to compete in the show ring someday, this is the perfect way to practice braiding their real, live horse. Included with the horse head is a detailed styling book with step-by-step instructions to learn new ways to braid and style, a mane comb, two mane hair clips, four mane coils, and 50 elastics.

Stick with a holiday theme and give the horse themed gift of a  Paint Your Own Ornaments Craft Kit. This mini kit includes a mare and foal, gold hang cords, 4 paint pots, paintbrush, sticker sheet and a stencil. With horse related gifts like this one, you’re not only giving them an object, but an experience as well, for a present that equals twice the fun. 

For the Fashionista

horse themed gifts for kids pink western boots

Does your young rider love to play dress up? Do they love to paint their pony at horse camp and put sparkle paint on their pony’s hooves? If you have a horse-loving fashionista on your hands, the perfect horse themed gifts incorporate both fashion and ponies, like the TuffRider Western Boots. 

The  TuffRider Youth Fire Red Floral Western Boots make a statement that your little fashionista will love. Constructed from man-made leather, these boots are lightweight, durable, and water resistant. Thanks to the rubber sole and square toe, your child will be comfortable for all day wear. Plus, the wide square toe offers them some room to grow!

If your young rider loves everything pink and sparkly, they need the  TuffRider Pink Glitter Western Boots. These synthetic leather boots offer pink sparkles from shaft to toe. At home at the barn and around town, these boots are sure to become your young rider’s new favorite pair of shoes. 

If your young equestrian prefers a more subdued look, or you have a young cowboy on your hands, check out the  TuffRider Rushmore Western Boots. These boots are made from the finest cow rust earthquake and cow aged bark leather, for a classic brown boot. A V-notched topline, oak leaf embroidery, and bright blue pull tabs add fashionable and stylish accents that your young rider will love. 

Horse Themed Gifts for Every Young Rider

Whether your horse crazy kid is a crafting fiend, an outdoor loving farm kid, or a bookworm, we have the perfect gifts for every young rider on Get your holiday shopping done online in one convenient place. 

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