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Miller’s: Back & Better Than Ever

If you rode horses in the 1970s, you probably remember the tack store Miller’s. Not only was this tack store one of the top purveyors of horse riding equipment in Manhattan, the company also sold horse products nationwide via its iconic mail-order catalog. Known for creating quality horse supplies, Miller’s sold to everyone from Olympians to Rockefellers to everyday equestrians. is excited to announce that we’ve acquired the Miller’s name and are launching a brand new collection of Miller’s horse products. We can’t wait to honor the rich history behind the Miller’s name with quality horse supplies at an affordable price. 

Miller’s was founded in 1912 by Russian immigrant  Mayer Gostkovsky, who later took the surname Miller. The company really reached its heyday in the 1940s, when Mayer’s son, Joseph Miller, took over the role of president and chief executive. During that time, Miller’s achieved success as a multi-pronged company, wholesaling tack to other distributors, selling directly to the consumer in its New York City story, and retailing nationwide via the mail order catalog, which many equestrians young and old devoured. 

The company reached almost mythic status. Stories about Miller’s iconic New York store are still remembered. In Joseph Miller’s  obituary in 2011, a family member related the tale of a woman who walked her horse right into the building’s freight elevator and brought the horse into the store in order to discuss the correct fit of a martingale with Joseph. The store was well-known among the community for its iconic wooden horse statue out front. 

After nearly four decades of selling from its New York Store, which  the Times dubbed as “the equine epicenter of New York,” the business was  divided and sold in 1975. There still stands a tack store, The Manhattan Saddlery, in Miller’s original location in New York City. Weatherbeeta purchased the wholesale side of the company, including brands such as Crosby, Collegiate, Everest, Eisers, On Course, Good Hands, Lancers, Roma, Pytchley and Lexington. Dover purchased the retail catalog business and the name, which fell out of use in recent years. 

Miller's, once the world's largest supplier of horse products, is back with a new collection priced to fit any budget! Now, more than 100 years after it was founded as a small family business, is bringing Miller’s back to the forefront of the equestrian industry. So far, we’ve launched just three exclusive horse products under the Miller’s name, including a horse fly sheet, with more soon to follow. 

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First up, we have the brand new  Miller’s Fly Sheet in gray with a royal blue trim, released just in time for fly season. Classically stylish, this horse fly sheet combines durability and comfort for the horse. Featuring two front closures, low cross surcingles, and a tail cord, this horse fly sheet fits most horses securely and comfortably. Available in sizes 69 to 87.

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Next, we have two Miller’s girths, the  Miller’s All Purpose Fleece Girth and the Miller’s Chafeless Contoured Dressage Girth. The All Purpose Fleece Girth would be right at home in any barn. Designed with versatility in mind, this girth boasts an all-purpose design that adapts effortlessly to different saddle disciplines. The soft fleece lining prevents chafing and protects your horse’s belly and armpits from rubs, while the neoprene outer layer offers support and durability. Synthetic leather looks stylish, but makes maintenance easy, plus you can ride in wet or muddy conditions worry-free. Done riding? Simply put your fleece girth into the washing machine to keep the fleece white and ready to go. 

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Created specifically for the dressage rider, our  Miller’s Chafeless Contoured Dressage Girth takes comfort to the next level. With all the comfort and durability of our Miller’s All Purpose Fleece Girth, the Miller’s Dressage Girth meets the every need of the dressage horse. Whether you’re competing in Prix St. Georges or simply riding for fun, this dressage girth is perfect for any rider who takes their horse’s comfort seriously. The contoured shape allows ample room for the horse’s legs, which prevents chafing and allows for full freedom of movement for the dressage horse. The 100% washable material ensures that it's easy to keep clean and maintain, saving you precious time and effort. Available in sizes 20 to 34. is your go-to online tack store for quality horse products at affordable prices. Now, by reviving the Miller’s name with our own unique twist, we’re bringing you back to a childhood spent in barns filled with Miller’s logo. We have big plans to release even more Miller’s horse supplies in the near future. True to Joseph Miller’s original goal for the brand, we ensure all of our horse supplies are held to high quality standards, while keeping our prices low to save the everyday equestrian a dollar.  

Click here to shop Miller’s products, plus keep an eye on our website for more new and exciting Miller’s horse riding equipment. As always, you'll love Miller's prices!

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