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Our Top Products of 2021

2021 was a big year for many riders! From the stress of the global pandemic to the exciting Tokyo Olympics, equestrians have had highs and lows and faced a wide variety of challenges. As an online tack shop, we’re proud to support you and your horse’s needs throughout the year! We were honored to serve the customers who chose to shop online instead of searching for a “tack shop near me” this past year. As we look back on our top selling products of 2021, we’re also thrilled to look forward to the future and see how we can make your life easier and more fulfilling in 2022. 

As 2021 comes to a close, here’s our round-up of best selling products and trends from the past year. 

#1 Top Selling Product: Socks

Can horseback riders ever have too many socks? The answer is a very clear no. The TuffRider Ladies Starter Socks were our top selling product of 2021, closely followed by the TuffRider Neon Pony Kids socks and the Equine Couture OTC Boot socks. With plenty of fun colors and styles to choose from, it’s easy to see why many riders chose these apparel staples to round out their cart at the tack shop.  

Best Sellers: Stable Supplies

pitchfork replacement head at tack shop

Among our best selling products, a few stable supplies stood out as the ones most purchased this year. The  TuffRider Plastic Shaving Fork Head was our customers go-to product at our tack shop to replace broken pitchforks. Lightweight and available at a great price, we can see why many riders chose to add this barn staple to their cart this year. 

Purchases of  dewormers were on the rise as well, most notably Ivermectin and Pyrantel dewormers. The Equimax mix of Ivermectin and Praziquantel was particularly popular. Just a reminder: always consult your veterinarian as to a deworming protocol and only use dewormers as instructed. 

Best-Selling Toy: Breyer 70th Anniversary Mystery Horse Surprise

2021 was a big celebratory year for Breyer as it marked their 70th anniversary. So, it came as no surprise to see this toy in our number one spot for 2021. While it was available for a limited time only, the experience of buying a “Mystery Horse Surprise” plus the 70th anniversary was clearly a big draw for Breyer collectors everywhere. 

Best-Selling Training Equipment:  Thinline Halter Busy Buddy

busy buddy for sale at tack shop near me

If you came to our tack shop looking for a solution for an antsy horse on the crossties, you weren’t the only one! Our best selling piece of training equipment was the  Thinline Halter Busy Buddy.

This unique and cutting-edge product promotes relaxation without the use of drugs, supplements, or other harsh training techniques. Instead, this toy gives your horse something to chew on– almost like a pacifier.

It sounds like many equestrians were looking to help their horses relax this year!

Best-Selling Grooming Supplies

horse head hoof pick for sale at tack shop

Grooming supplies overall were a very popular purchase in 2021. In particular, many equestrians were looking to replace the basics.

The number one sellers in this category included the  TuffRider Plastic Curry CombMane and Tail Round CombHorse Head Hoof Pick, and  Sweat Scraper.

Also popular was the  Carr & Day & Martin Horse Care Sponge

Best-Selling Bags/Storage:  Equine Couture Super Star Backpack

Ringside backpack at tack shops near me


So popular that it’s now sold out, the  Equine Couture Super Star Backpack is designed for busy riders and trainers who need an extra hand at horse shows or rodeos.

Able to carry your helmet, crop or whip, along with various other supplies, this backpack was highly popular for its ability to make busy show days that much easier. 

Best-Selling Breeches:  TuffRider Ladies Ribb Knee Patch Breeches

breeches for sale at tack shops near me

When you’ve found a pair of breeches that fits perfectly at your local tack shop, don’t you just want to buy multiple pairs in a variety of colors? It seems many equestrians did just that with our best-selling pair of breeches: the  TuffRider Ladies Ribb Knee Patch Breeches.

Available in a wide variety of colors and sizes, these breeches clearly earned their spot as our number one best-selling pair. 

Best-Selling Winter Apparel:  5/A Baker Scarf

Baker scarf available at online tack shop

What’s better on a cold winter day than a nice warm scarf? A  5/A Baker Scarf apparently! More than jackets, gloves, winter breeches, or long sleeve shirts, this scarf was our number one seller in the winter apparel category.

Made of double weave, 100 percent cotton, this cozy scarf features the traditional Baker plaid for a look that’s both functional and stylish.

Available at tack shop!

Best-Selling Saddle:  HDR Parisian Monoflap Dressage Saddle

HDR dressage saddle available at tack shops near me

Now for the category that some of you have probably been waiting for– our best-selling saddle of 2021 was the  Henri de Rivel Parisian Monoflap Dressage Saddle!

Designed with wool flocking and an interchangeable gullet, this saddle is designed to fit any horse.

Stop searching for a “tack shop near me” when you’re looking for saddles. Based on the reviews (4.8 stars), many equestrians were very happy to buy this monoflap dressage saddle from an online tack shop. 

Best-Selling Helmet:  TuffRider Starter Horse Riding Helmet with Carbon Fiber Grill

riding helmet available at tack shop

Last but not least, we have our best-selling helmet: the  TuffRider Starter Horse Riding Helmet. Clearly, equestrians know to put safety first when it comes to head protection!

This helmet is SEI certified with a washable Coolmax lining and ABS ventilation.

An adjustable fit only adds to its versatility, making it perfect for a riding program or growing young rider!

Thank You for a Great 2021 and a Happy New Year! is so grateful to all of our customers who have supported our tack shop over the past year. We know that it has been a rough two years for many and we’re honored to have been able to support your equestrian needs as your go-to online tack shop. Keep an eye out for new products (hint: Thelwell ponies) and even better deals than last year in 2022!

From the family to yours, Happy New Year!

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