The Life of a Horse Show Dad

The Life of a Horse Show Dad

Horse show moms always get all of the attention and it’s past time we break that barrier down. Dads, you guys are just as enthusiastic, caring and helpful on show day than any other pony mom out there! We know getting the hang of this horse show thing wasn’t easy and not like regular sports and hobbies. 

You probably were thinking at one time or another, “why couldn’t my kid just pick soccer or stamp collecting…?”

While lots of other choices were presented to us, we picked horses. You knew that even though it’s a lot of work and we will fall harder than soccer players, it will teach us valuable lessons such as perseverance, respect for animals (and people) and self discipline. 

You dads are more than just check-signers and high-fivers when we got home; you are genuine advocates for us and want to see us have fun, learn and find out what amazing things we are capable of.



Thanks for learning how to braid our hair and putting in our bows. 

Thanks for holding our cantankerous ponies even though they bit. 

Thanks for videotaping our rounds.

Thanks for never hesitating to crack a cheesy dad joke to lighten the mood after a not-so-hot ride. 

Thanks for cheering on with the group of ringside moms. 

Thanks for not getting caught up in the barn drama.

Most importantly, thanks for being supportively involved. 

Sacrifices come along with being a horse show parent, whether it was missing a company picnic, overtime pay or just a regular weekend relaxing at home after a long work week. Thanks for putting our passions first and your relaxation last- even though we always find you taking a midday cat nap in the shady horse trailer. We can’t blame you, it’s a lot of work being a horse show parent (and putting up with our pesky leased show ponies- they’re a breed all of their own).

Barn dads, we appreciate everything you do to make ours (and our barn mates) days easier and smoother. You make sure everyone has a laugh once in a while and bear donuts when we need a sugar rush from the food stand right before we head into the ring. 

We love you and look up to your positivity and hope to become as strong and resourceful as you. Whether a phase or a lifestyle, thanks for putting up with our pony antics!

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