What Equestrians are Thankful For in 2020

What Equestrians are Thankful For in 2020

As crazy as 2020 was and is continuing to be, there are some things to continue to be thankful for (remarkably). How could good things be coming from all of this?! Well, it isn’t that good things came out of this, it’s how the things that truly matter stick around in tough times. These are the things us equestrians will be a little extra grateful for this year...

 At this point, we all need a personal therapist and a glass of wine everyday. Some quiet time grooming your horse on the cross ties or hanging out in their stall are the therapy sessions everyone needs. The old saying, “the outside of a horse is good for the inside of a man” by Winston Churchill will never hold more truth. The stillness and peace from an undisturbed stable aisle with horse hair and hay sticking to your jacket feels much more like home than a therapists’ chaise longue. Let your mind unwind while a soft muzzle searches you for sugary treats. Nothing beats it. 



As equestrians, we must first be proper equine health and management advocates. We are eternally grateful for the front line workers of the equine industry, veterinarians, farriers, stablehands, barn managers and everyone in between. Without you, the equine industry would suffer irreversibly. You all stay close to our hearts by tending to what we love most, our horses. 

Though we haven’t been able to see them as much this year, our just-as-horse-crazy friends are some of our closest confidants. These unbreakable bonds between fellow equestrians, mentors or even our students have given us people to talk to that truly understand the vicious roller coaster owning horses can be. 

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Not only a worldwide pandemic, but wildfires and hurricanes plagued our country in 2020. The horse world can be an unforgiving, dog-eat-dog world, but when tragedy strikes and threatens what we all love most- the horses, we bind together for a better outcome. We are so grateful for the communal effort to protect our beloved equines out west from wildfires and hurricanes along the coast. 



For all of the headache and turmoil 2020 has brought, there are certainly a couple things to be thankful for as equestrians. When you go around the table this year, whether a couple of your family members or friends, be sure to be thankful for the health of your loved ones, 2 and 4-legged! 

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