About Breeches.com

Breeches.com's story is an international story of passion for horses and determination to make a dream into reality.

How It Was Started.

In 1992, an accomplished horseman was having second thoughts about the uncomfortable, expensive, synthetic clothing he--and his fellow riders--were always stuck wearing. He knew and they agreed about the need for comfortable, affordable riding apparel.

Therefore, Varun "Timmy" Sharma began researching, designing and working tirelessly to build a new, forward-thinking clothing company called Breeches.com. He took his unconventional apparel--made with comfortable, natural fibers--from his small factory in New Delhi, India and went to the prestigious markets of Europe and America. He sold his comfortable riding clothes at affordable prices and the world took notice.

Soon, the American demand for Timmy's clothing led him to set up Breeches.com headquarters in Drums, Pennsylvania.


How It Expanded

With an American team of fellow horse riders and aficionados, the company has since grown to become one of the world's largest manufacturer of equestrian riding apparel and is sold to riders in more than 55 countries around the world. Over time, new, innovations in technical fabric development and creative design from eco-conscious, breathable fabrics to CS2 breech bottoms and UltraGripp knee patches have led to Breeches.com's  comfortable riding apparel at an affordable price. Even old favorites like the signature Baker plaid have benefited from Breeches.com’s creative, innovative processes.

Breeches.com understands that the need for quality, comfort and affordable riding apparel is universal. The work of this company reaches the lives and wardrobes of riders and their mounts around the globe. Each Breeches.com team member has a dedication to horses and riders that inspire the company to explore, pattern and fashion world-class clothing with the most innovative fabrics and painstaking craftsmanship.

Today, Timmy's mantra remains as pure and humble as it was nearly twenty years ago. Let's Ride!


As Breeches.com has grown so has its charitable efforts. The Salvation Tree started by Laurie and Timmy Sharma is a recognized not-for-profit foundation formed to bring hope and meaning into the lives of the destitute. The main mission of the Salvation Tree is to provide education and food for the poor and needy children in India.

Breeches.com, through the foundation, has provided its employees with a school unmatched in quality of education for their children. Currently, it nurtures children between the ages of 4 - 6. The school provides free education, books, school accessories, uniforms and mid-day meals for the children. Each year a new class will be added as the senior class is ready to go to the next level.

Through Salvation Tree, your purchase of Breeches.com products will assist in reaching out and extending the helping hand of humanity to affect the lives of those who are much less fortunate. Visit our website www.salvationtree.edu.in