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Boehringer Ingelheim Veterinary Products is a family-owned, pharmaceutical company that researches, manufactures, and distributes human and animal health products around the globe.

For over 130-years, the 50,000 employees of Boehringer Ingelheim have innovated products with a clear goal in mind: to provide more health and improve the lives of both humans and animals. Their focus always has been - and continues to be - on providing a long-term solution over short-term profits.

Breeches.com is happy to bring such excellent solutions to our customers, and proud to partner with a company that prioritizes the health of humans and animals the way Boehringer Ingelheim does.

Improving the health of humans and animals is the goal of the research-driven pharmaceutical Boehringer Ingelheim. The focus in doing so is on diseases for which no satisfactory treatment option exists to date. The company therefore concentrates on developing innovative therapies that can extend patients’ lives. In animal health, Boehringer Ingelheim stands for advanced prevention.