Breeches.com is dedicated to providing functional products at affordable prices for our customers. Equestrians live active lifestyles that require breathable and comfortable fabrics.   Quality garments start with quality materials that work with your body to apply special features such as moisture wicking technology and UV protection.  

EquiCool synchronizes with your body to enhance the natural cooling process. Sweating is the body’s natural response to an elevated body temperature, capturing heat along with metabolic waste and pulls it away from the body. EquiCool fabric wicks that sweat away from the skin, relieving the skin from excess heat. EquiCool technology also provides ultra violet protection. Protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays out on summer time hacks or on your early morning jog.

EquiCool fabric can be found in many designs by TuffRider and Equine Couture. Add EquiCool infused stylish tops, technical socks and sports bras to your wardrobe. Your horse can experience the benefits of EquiCool technology too with Henri de Rivel fine tack products!