Modal is dedicated to providing functional products at affordable prices for our customers. Equestrians live active lifestyles that require comfortable fabrics with technical aspects for enhanced function. Fabrics derived from natural fibers are important in supporting sustainable textiles.

Soft fabric that is both antimicrobial and provides stretch for complete freedom of movement is demanded of those that live active lifestyles: equestrians! Modal fabric is a textile made from natural fibers for superior comfort and antimicrobial properties. Often mixed with other fabrics such as cotton and spandex for added stretch, modal fabrics are practical for the equestrian athlete. With antimicrobial properties, bacteria growth is hindered in the fabric to prevent odors from developing. 

Modal fabrics can be found in select TuffRider socks and breeches. Add functional pieces to your barn attire for ultimate comfort whether you’re riding in the hot sun or just hanging out with your barn buddies.