Your Stories

Your Stories

Arthur came into my life as a lesson horse and after a few rides, we had a bond unlike any other. After going away to school, then moving for a job, 5 years later we were reunited by a mutual contact

When you know there is a camera pointed at you so you look pretty

My horse was a member of my bachelorette party. I love her so much! Shiloh is the best!

I own two horses, Copper and Spencer, and they are both ottb’s that I have refrained to be eventers. I love spending time not only riding but grooming and bonding with them. They have both matured so much and I have grown to love them incredibly.

Next generation. My two year old son Colin riding our 24 year old connemara, glenmary's toasted almond. She is 24 years old and as a weenling was purchased for me by my mother when i was six. She is now passed down to my little boy.

This was taken a day before my horse had to go back home. I'm away at college right now and my horse got to come with me for most of the year but she had to go home the day after this picture was taken. We've come so far in a year!

This is my horse, Montauk,who I got for free off of a slaughter truck after he finished his racing career. He was pretty badly abused and needed a lot of love and relaxation to learn how to be a horse. I retrained him myself and now he's my best buddy!

When you rescue each other. Homie my 12 yr old OTTB.

This is my purebred Arabian gelding Ziggy Marlee. He is the first horse I've ever leased, and owned. I think it's safe to say he's one in a million and will always be my heart horse.

Hi! This is Lucas, he is 19 and has a strange obsession with selfies! If you turn your camera on and point it at him he will always give you this angle (clearly his best). I love my big guy and I hope this picture made you smile as much as it does me.