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Cavallo Big Foot Boot Poly Pad


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Color – Black
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About Product
  • Ease shock
  • Extend boot life
  • Extra cushioning
  • Tighten fit
  • Increased comfort

Cavallo Big Foot Boot Poly Pad This poly pad offers even more support when using the Cavallo Big Foot Boot Hoof Boots. They are molded from specially formulated industrial grade polymer compound to help absorb everyday shock plus provide your horse with additional comfort while on the trails. Cavallo's technology brings a new dimension to comfort. The Poly Pad when inserted into the hoof boot absorbs shock on hoof strike and minimizes fatigue. Note: Pair of pads only. Hoof boot is not included. Features: Increased comfort Tighten fit Extra cushioning Extend boot life Ease shock Relieve impact

    Cavallo Big Foot Boot Poly Pad
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