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5 Ways to Go Green at the Barn with EcoRider


Every day equestrians head to the barn wearing the season’s latest trends, groom their horses with popular products, and spray them down with their favorite fly spray. Unfortunately, what most equestrians don’t know is that each of these actions can have a significant impact on the environment. At Breeches.com, we hope to make a difference in the environmental impact of equestrians by offering products like the EcoRider collection. 

This Earth Day, discover five easy ways to go green at the barn, from what you wear to what products you use on your horse.  

Choose an Eco-Friendly Fly Spray

Bottle of EcoVet fly spray rests on a table next to a green grooming bag

Have you ever read the ingredients on your fly spray bottle? Unfortunately, many fly sprays don’t differentiate between biting insects and beneficial bugs, like bees. Insecticides kill any bug– helpful or not– that it comes into contact with. 

Choosing an eco-friendly fly repellent, not insecticide, can keep your horse protected in the pasture, while still allowing local pollinators to thrive.  Ecovet Fly Repellent is one of the top environmentally-friendly fly sprays on the market. This unique fly repellent contains a proprietary formula that utilizes natural food-grade fatty acids and silicone oil to create a “zone of repellency” around your horse. Ecovet Fly Repellent protects your horse against a wide variety of pesky insects, including flies, gnats, mosquitoes, ticks, lice and more. 

Next time you’re shopping for fly spray, think twice before adding an insecticide to your cart. Choose an eco-friendly option instead. 

Dress Your Horse in EcoRider Blankets

Chestnut horse rearing in a green pasture wearing an EcoRider blanket in teal.

How often do you have to buy new horse blankets? If you have a horse that’s particularly tough on their blankets (we’re looking at you, colts!), you could find yourself replacing your blankets often. If you think about how much fabric goes to waste every time you throw out your blankets, not to mention the filling inside, you may start to feel guilty about your environmental impact. 

Don’t feel guilty– feel good about the products you buy. Next time you purchase a blanket, choose one from TuffRider’s EcoRider collection. Our EcoRider blankets are made from recycled plastic bottles. Every blanket you purchase saves over 326 bottles from going into landfills or the ocean. 

For example, take a look at the  TuffRider EcoRider Turnout Blanket. Filled with a cozy 250 grams of insulation, this combo neck blanket has a 1200 denier outer shell that’s durable enough to stand up to daily wear and tear. 

Practice Green Pasture Management

Be an EcoRider, practice green pasture management. Bay horse standing in rocky, overgrazed field.

Overgrazed pastures contribute to land erosion and manure runoff. Depending on where you’re located, poorly managed and overcrowded pastures can cause dirt and manure to contaminate local water supplies.

Pasture rotation can create grazing areas that are beneficial for both your horses and the environment. By rotating your pastures, you’ll be able to give your land a rest period in between grazing times. This will allow the vegetation to grow back, which prevents erosion and traps manure, preventing it from becoming runoff. 

If you’re unable to rotate your pastures, you may want to create a sacrifice lot. Sacrifice lots are small areas of your pasture that you cordone off and use during times of rain, mud, or drought. With the help of a sacrifice lot, you can limit damage to your pasture to one small area and allow the rest of your pasture to regenerate. 

Go Natural with Your Grooming Products

Horse stands with hoof conditioner between shiny front hooves, EcoRider

What grooming products are in your tack trunk? Could you be unknowingly using harmful chemicals on your horse? The fewer chemicals we use, the better for both the environment and our horses. 

Next time you purchase new grooming supplies, be on the lookout for environmentally-friendly and natural versions of your favorite products. For example, try replacing your usual hoof conditioner with  Hooflex Natural Dressing and Conditioner. This hoof conditioner contains no artificial chemicals or dyes. Instead, its all-natural goodness comes from ingredients like soybean oil, tea tree oil, avocado oil, and lanolin. 

Or, when you reach for your liniment after a tough ride, grab this  Cooldown Herbal Rinse by Absorbine. The soap-free formula offers added convenience as it doesn’t need to be washed off. Cooling and refreshing, this herbal rinse is made from twelve different herbs and essential oils.The unique blend helps to condition the skin and coat, and helps to replace oils that may be lost while sweating. 

Look Stylish in EcoRider Clothes

Model wearing EcoRider clothes in shades of yellow and mauve, holding a saddle.

According to  Bloomberg, the United States throws away approximately 11.3 million tons of textile waste each year. EcoRider clothing aims to make a difference when it comes to the fashion industry’s environmental impact. All of our EcoRider clothing products are made with yarn from recycled plastic bottles. The fabric produced by this yarn allows Breeches.com to create beautiful, comfortable clothing that helps the environment, without skimping on style. 

For example, check out our collection of EcoRider by Equine Couture sport shirts. The  Thea Sport Shirt features a unique ruched back with floral accents, so you can look good all summer long. Plus, the floral accents on the shoulders and back are made of mesh for extra ventilation on hot summer days. 

Or, if floral isn’t your style, check out the  EcoRider by Equine Couture Ella Sport Shirt. Available in pink sand, marigold, and coral, this short sleeve shirt is sure to add a pop of color to any outfit. A ¾ zipper and a collared neckline give you options and control over your style. And, just like the Thea Sport Shirt, the Ella Shirt has mesh insets along the front, shoulders, and side to keep you cool all summer long. 

If you’re trying to avoid the dreaded “farmer’s tan,” opt for an eco-friendly long-sleeved shirt with the  EcoRider by TuffRider Denali Sport Shirt. Made from the same recycled fabric as the rest of the EcoRider collection, this shirt features gray underarm mesh for added ventilation and lightweight fabric that’s perfect for summertime. 

Pair these environmentally-friendly shirts with the  EcoRider Sequoia Knee Patch Breeches. These stylish breeches feature floral accents on the pockets and on the ultra-comfortable contoured sock bottoms. A wide 2” waistband gives you plenty of room for your favorite belt, while a modern silicone knee patch provides extra grip in the saddle.

Shop the EcoRider Collection on Breeches.com

Are you feeling motivated to reduce your environmental impact at the barn? Go green with the EcoRider collection. Shop EcoRider shirts, breeches, and blankets all in one convenient place. Click the link below to browse through all of our EcoRider products right here, on Breeches.com. 

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