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6 Must Have Equine Helmet Accessories

Many equestrians agonize over picking the perfect riding helmet. Not only do we have to consider the fit, but we also have to think about the color, material, and our chosen riding discipline. But after all that deliberation, there are still some inherent problems with wearing a helmet, like stray hair, hot heads, and cold ears. Equine helmet accessories can make a big difference when it comes to the care and enjoyment of your horse riding helmet. While there are hundreds of options out there for equine helmet accessories, we picked six that we think will benefit every equestrian. 

TuffRider Washable CoolMax Helmet Liner

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Riding in the summer heat can be brutal. Sweat drips down your face, bugs are everywhere, and the sun always seems to be in your eyes. Many equestrians choose to ride in just light tank tops or short-sleeved shirts. But unfortunately when it comes to safety equipment like helmets, we can’t take off any layers to make it cooler. Most helmets are also black, causing them to absorb heat and make our head hot. 

The good news is there is a solution to this hot-headed problem. A moisture-wicking liner is our favorite equine helmet accessory to cool down your head by moving sweat away from the skin. Take the  TuffRider CoolMax helmet liner for example. The specialized blend of polyester fibers speeds up the evaporative drying rate by absorbing moisture and spreading it across the fabric. Replace the liner in any TuffRider helmet with the CoolMax liner and enjoy the soft feel of the technical fabric against your head, leaving you drier and cooler than ever.

Troxel Winter Headliner

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The CoolMax Liner is great for summer riding, but new problems arise when snow starts to fall and you’re faced with dressing for cold weather riding. Most helmets don’t exactly allow for ear muffs or traditional winter hats to keep your ears warm. Don’t worry- we have an equine helmet accessory for every time of year. 

Winter helmet liners combine the warmth of ear muffs without disturbing the safety of your helmet. Unlike most helmet liners which do not extend below the outer shell of the helmet, the  Troxel Winter Helmet Liner continues below the helmet, over your ears, and down below your neck. This unique design cushions your head inside the helmet, while also trapping body heat next to your ears like traditional ear muffs. The added coverage protects your ears and neck from frigid weather, wind, and snow. To use the liner, remove the existing helmet liner and replace it with the winter liner, or pull the headliner on over your head before putting on your helmet with the existing liner still in place for added warmth. 

5/A Baker Riding Hat Carrier

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It’s important to take excellent care of your helmet, not just because it’s expensive, but because they’re essential to preventing injuries while riding. Don’t let this crucial piece of safety equipment sit on the hard ground, roll around in the trunk of your car, or sit in the aisle where a horse or human could accidentally kick it. A  helmet bag is the equine helmet accessory that keeps your hat safe, clean, and out of the way. 

Secure your helmet inside these beautiful cushioned bags for easy storage when you’re not wearing it. The handle can be used to hang the bag on a convenient hook or placed over the arm for ease of carrying. Many equestrians have suede or velvet helmets that look beautiful, but tend to attract the lingering dust that haunts every riding arena and barn aisle. Helmet bags keep it out of the dust and as clean and beautiful as the day you bought it. 

Equine Couture Stars Helmet Backpack

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Sometimes when we’re at horse shows we start to feel more like pack mules than equestrians. We have to lug crops, rags, brushes, and more from ring to ring. In this case, having a separate helmet bag isn’t practical. It’s just one more thing to carry when you need your hands free to ride, hold a horse, or hand off supplies at any moment. That’s where our next equine helmet accessory comes in handy. 

This backpack keeps your helmet secure and clean with a special compartment, while keeping all of your horse show supplies in one convenient and portable place. It’s designed for the on-the-go equestrian with specialized holders for your crops too. Water-resistant fabric and zippered compartments keep all of your gear safe and dry no matter the weather. Adjustable straps keep your helmet tight to your back and out of the way of busy show grounds. Check out  Equine Couture’s beautiful “Stars” Helmet Backpack featuring navy blue fabric, red accents, and white stars. 

Hair Nets

equine helmet hair net 

Have you ever watched someone ride and wondered how their helmet always looks perfect, without a hair out of place? We can’t help you with post-ride hair, but we do have one equine helmet accessory that is the secret to making your hair look flawless throughout your ride. Hair nets have been the secret to a flawless hair-do for everyone from lunch ladies to royalty. Equestrians have gotten in on the secret by using  hair nets to keep their locks flat, pressed against the skull, and tucked up underneath the helmet. 

There are two different types of hair nets: sleeve nets and knotted nets. The tube-like sleeve nets are pulled over the head and down the hair, almost like a sock. Then the bottom half of the sleeve is flipped up and placed under the helmet. The knotted nets have one to two knots placed at the front and back of the net. After pulling the net over your head, you can tie it into a ponytail and flip the end up underneath the helmet. 

Whichever one you choose, both will help you contain even the thickest, wildest mane for picture-perfect helmet hair every time. 

Helmet Replacement Policies

To keep you safe, helmets must be replaced when they hit the ground, whether that’s when you fall off or if it’s dropped on the floor. Unfortunately, depending on the nature of your horse, this can get expensive fast. But you have to remember-- you only get one brain, and it can’t be replaced. Lucky for you, we have one equine helmet accessory on this list that takes some of the expense out of replacing your helmet after a riding accident... the helmet replacement policy offered by two of our brands, Charles Owen and Troxel. 

If you have a Troxel helmet, you have to  register your helmet when you buy it in order to take advantage of the policy. Troxel will replace your helmet for a fee if it’s less than two years old and was damaged in a riding accident. If you dropped it or misused it, you’re out of luck! Charles Owen doesn’t require you to register it at time of purchase, but you will need to have proof of purchase when you fill out the  accident report. If you qualify, Charles Owen will offer you a generous discount off the price of your new helmet, as long as it’s still the same brand. 

The Best Equine Helmet Accessory is… You! 

At Breeches.com, we understand that every equestrian is different. That’s why we carry a wide variety of brands to accommodate every equestrian’s style, hair, and head shape. From colorful Troxel helmets to Charles Owen skull caps, we strive to carry exactly what you need. 

Looking for something specific? Check out our selection of helmets today.

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