Beat the Heat

Beat the Heat

Summer is quickly approaching! Depending on where you are in the world, summer looks different for everyone! We want you and your horse to be prepared, comfortable, and stylish without breaking the bank. is here to help you meet all of your equine and rider needs from fly spray to coat conditioner. One thing that comes with warm weather is bugs. Flies/bugs are a nuisance and hard to get rid of, but there are a few things you can do to help keep your horse comfy and still looking cute! Let’s talk about a few things that will be great in the barn for you and your horses for the upcoming season.

Fly Masks: Fly Masks are great to help keep bugs out of your horse’s eyes, and even their ears. When a fly mask is not used, sometimes a horse can experience puffy, and runny eyes. Avoid this by using Tuffrider’s best fly mask! They are created to match our fly sheets as well! Our fly masks are well made, (we know, horses don’t like to keep fly masks on, we have tried our best to create a mask that stays on!) affordable, and our masks come in multiple sizes (Pony, Cob, and Horse). Our masks come with an innovative and comfortable mesh lining. They also come in fun colors to coordinate with our line of TuffRider Fly Sheets. Like our other TuffRider Fly Masks, they offer protection around the eyes and ears, as well as UV protection. 



Fly Sheets: Fly Sheets help to protect your horse’s coat from bugs. TuffRider offers a popular Comfy Mesh Fly Sheet that is now available in a combo neck! The neck feature has maximum protection with coverage to the neck and mane. It will not only protect against bugs, but it will also protect against the sun’s harsh, coat-fading rays. Our fly sheets feature double buckle front closures, surcingles and leg straps for easy turnout, and lined shoulders for comfort and to prevent rubbing. 

Fly Spray: Did you know there are not one, not two, but MULTIPLE types of flies?! The top flies that you will most likely find in the barn or on your horse are: House flies (Musca domestica), Face flies (Musca autumnalis), Stable flies (Stomoxys calcitrans), Horse and Deer flies (Tabanidae), Horn flies (Haematobia irritans), and MORE. A good way to avoid these is by using fly spray! There are many brands out there, and it will come down to what you prefer most! Our favorites are: Pryranha (Pryranha wipe n’ spray), and Farnam (Bronco equine fly spray) brands. 

Fly Bonnet: While riding/exercising your horse, a fly bonnet may come in handy to prevent bugs, and dirt from getting into your horses’ ears. It also prevents distraction as flies and bugs can become a distraction to your horse while exercising. The Fly Bonnet will aid in a more productive ride and keeping you and your horse a bit more safe. Equine Couture offers pretty and functional fly bonnets to get your horse the proper protection and the proper style for compliments all around! These fly bonnets are handmade with open weave cotton to allow for cooler coverage. We used Spandex for the ears, to allow for a little stretch, which gives your horse freer movement. Choose from: Black, Navy, and White Width across brow band area - Pony- 11", Cob- 13", Full- 15" Width between ears - Pony- 3", Cob- 3.25", Full- 4" Length from between ears to the bottom -- Pony- 8", Cob- 9", Full- 9.5" Ear Height - Pony- 6", Cob- 6.75", Full- 6.5". 

🐴 is equestrianly yours, providing all things equestrian. Follow us on social media, and visit our website for more information! Enjoy your summer!

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