equestrian fashion outfits for horseback riding

Equestrian Fashion: An Outfit for Every Discipline


The world of equestrian sport isn’t just about hard work and horsemanship: many riders love to have fun with equestrian fashion as well. Whether you ride English or Western, we’ve put together a guide to outfits for horseback riding for both in the show ring and around the barn. Click the links below to jump to your discipline’s section to find inspiration for both casual horse riding outfits and show day apparel. 

  1. Hunter/Jumper
  2. Dressage
  3. Show Jumping
  4. Cross Country
  5. Barrel Racing
  6. Reining
  7. Western Pleasure
  8. Western General

Hunter/Jumper Outfits for Horseback Riding

hunter jumper equestrian fashion outfits for horseback riding

Hunter/jumpers are a very traditional bunch. Their outfits for horseback riding, whether you’re showing or schooling, tend to feature neutral colors and few, if any, patterns. With roots in the sport of fox hunting, the hunter/jumper world doesn’t have a lot of explicit regulations on equestrian fashion, but you will find yourself facing peer pressure and pressure from judges if you show in the wrong outfit. 

Hunter/Jumper Show Outfit

If you attend a hunter/jumper show, you’ll come face to face with a sea of tan breeches and navy show coats. Traditional knee patch breeches like the  RJ Classics Gulf Breech are considered the norm. Breeches should have leather knee patches that are often slightly darker than the fabric of the breech itself. This particular pair of breeches offers added comfort in the form of quick-dry stretch fabric and a fabric-covered interior waistband.

On top, most hunter/jumper riders wear a neutral colored long sleeve show shirt. For example, the  Equine Couture Cara Show Shirt is available in white, pale pink, and baby blue. While white is the most common color for a show shirt, pastels are also acceptable as long as the coloring is subtle. Because riders will be wearing a thick, long-sleeve show jacket over the shirt, many equestrians try to wear a ventilated show shirt to stay cool. The Cara Show Shirt features mesh fabric along the sides of the abdomen and down the inner arm. 

Show coats should be a dark, neutral color such as navy blue. Traditionally, these show coats feature three buttons down the front that are all buttoned while showing. The  RJ Devon Blue Label Show Coat features a subtle herringbone pattern. Some equestrians will show off a little more flair with the inner lining of the show coat. This silky fabric may come in colors like purple, pink, or light blue.  

True to the sport’s fox hunting roots, black tall boots with laces must be worn in the show ring. Zippers up the back of the boot are now the norm in the show ring, which makes it much more convenient to take these boots on and off. For example, the  TuffRider Regal Field Boots check all the boxes needed for the hunter/jumper ring. They feature:

  • Front laces
  • Black in color
  • Back zipper

When it comes to show outfits for horse riding in the hunter/jumper ring, there really isn’t room to deviate from the norm if you’d like to win. Instead, try to blend in with the crowd and let your horse’s talent shine. 

Hunter/Jumper Casual Horse Riding Outfit

Casual horse riding outfits are where hunter/jumper riders can really have some fun and explore equestrian fashion. Whether you’re walking around the showgrounds or schooling your horse at home, the best outfit will be comfortable, but still stylish. 

Keep it simple, easy, and comfortable. The  TuffRider Bootie Tights are made from stretchy and flexible fabric that won’t restrict your movement either on the ground or in the saddle. Ruching on the back and upper thigh area makes you appear more toned and lifted, while a wide waistband offers some tummy control. 

Pair these breeches with the  Lettia Equestrian Tee. This bright and eye-catching teal t-shirt features the word “equestrian” in a scrawling script across the chest. The vibrant blue-green color will pair perfectly with the black, charcoal, or tan colors of the Bootie Tights. 

Finish off your casual horse riding outfit with a pair of shoes that will look at home wandering around the showground or barnyard. Roper’s  Brown Tweed Casual Shoes will match almost any equestrian fashion outfit. A removable molded insole keeps you comfortable while you walk around and the subtle tweed fabric adds an equestrian look to this casual shoe. 

Equestrian Fashion for Dressage Riders

equestrian fashion for dressage riders

Unlike hunter/jumper riders, dressage riders tend to add a little more bling to their overall look. Plus, new rules for dressage show outfits allow equestrians to add more colors, patterns, and sparkles. While many riders are still playing it safe overall, it’s safe to say that greater variety will come to the dressage show ring soon. 

Dressage Show Outfit

When riding at a horse show, dressage riders want an outfit that is fashionable, yet won’t hinder their riding. That’s why we recommend the  FITS Free Flex Full Seat Breeches. The Free Flex full seat offers exceptional grip and performance, yoga-pant comfort, and anti-fatigue muscle compression. Plus, the Flex-leather full seat is actually synthetic, which adds convenience to the cleaning process. 

Pair these breeches with the  Equine Couture Magda Show Sleeve Show Shirt. This show shirt looks all business from the front, but has a little more equestrian fashion flair on the back. Designer lace on the back provides added ventilation and a little extra style to your show outfit for horse riding. 

Top off your look with the  Raleigh Show Coat. Traditional dressage black with four buttons down the front, this show coat will have you looking professional and put together, no matter what the day throws at you. 

We can’t forget footwear! The  TuffRider Belmont Dress Boots will add a simple elegance to your overall equestrian fashion look. With flex construction and a memory foam foot bed, these boots are just as comfortable as they are stylish. 

Dressage Casual Horse Riding Outfit

Horse shows aren’t the only place dressage riders can show off their personal style. Schooling or walking around the barn offers more opportunities to showcase equestrian fashion looks.

Be comfortable and stylish no matter the weather with the  TuffRider Minerva Tights. The silicone full seat will offer added grip in the saddle, while offering less bulk than traditional leather full seats. The contoured mesh cell phone pocket ensures that you’ll never be without your phone, whether you’re hanging out at the barn or taking your dressage horse out for a hack. 

Pair these tights with the  Lettia Sun Shirt. Available in a variety of fun colors, this shirt has UPF 50+ to provide excellent protection from the harmful rays of the sun. The long sleeves and stand-up collar keeps you looking professional, no matter what you’re doing. 

Finish off your look with the  Roper Tweed Casual Shoes in black. With just enough pattern to add a little extra style to your casual horse riding outfit, these shoes provide the support you need for a long day at the barn, plus moisture-wicking comfort. 

Show Jumping Equestrian Fashion

show jumping equestrian fashion

Out of all the English riding disciplines, show jumping is perhaps the one where riders can let their wild side show the most. 

Show Jumping Show Outfit for Horse Riding

If you watch the show jumping ring at a horse show, you might be surprised to see no show coats and bright colors on both horses and riders. There are much fewer regulations on clothing and tack in the show jumping ring. Only at the highest levels of competition will you start to see the use of show coats and more formal attire. 

Since show jumpers are allowed to have some fun with their show outfits for horse riding, we recommend the  Equine Couture Nicolette Show Shirt. This unique shirt features mesh bands of fabric in a contrasting color to the white shirt. Available in black, floral, and safari, this shirt will keep you cool and help you stand out in the show ring. 

Pair this unique shirt with the  George H Morris Silicone Knee Patch Breeches. These breeches are available in a variety of fun colors, including rust, wine, and duck green. With so many colors to choose from, you can truly explore your personal equestrian fashion style. 

Finish off your look with a pair of tall boots that match the sporty vibes of the show jumping ring. The  TuffRider Double Clear Sport Boot has a high Spanish-cut topline to lengthen the appearance of your leg. An impact-absorbing outer sole and memory foam inner sole keeps you comfortable in the fast-paced show jumping ring. 

Show Jumping Casual Outfit

Whether you’re schooling your horse at home or wandering the show ground, prioritize comfort while still looking your best. The  TuffRider Taylor Polo Shirt offers moisture-wicking and UV protection with a v-neck open collar for an overall look that’s both stylish and functional. Plus, wearing a classic polo shirt means you look professional and put together no matter where you are. 

Pair the polo shirt with the  TuffRider Perfect Knee Patch Breeches. These breeches are made with a Modal-based fabric which is not only soft, but durable. Modal garments are engineered with natural, plant-based materials that offer high strength fibers that hold up to conventional washing. Available in both safari and traditional black, both colors will match whatever color shirt you choose to wear. 

Finish off your casual horse riding outfit with a pair of fashionable, but comfortable, shoes. The  TuffRider Lace-Up Graphix Shoes are available in three fun patterns and colors that will quickly make them the star of your outfit. These shoes are built to last thanks to the durable and comfortable canvas material. EVA rubber provides stability and endurance to the outsole and the strategically designed insole comes with Memory Foam for comfort. 

Cross Country Equestrian Fashion

equestrian fashion outfits for horseback riding on cross country

Cross country may not be as traditionally fashionable as the dressage ring, but it has its own trends and equestrian fashion that combine for a fun visual experience. Whether you’re showing or schooling, the cross country field is all about wearing matching bright colors that can be seen from a distance.

Cross Country Show Outfit

When you’re putting together a show outfit for horseback riding on cross country, look for options that have plenty of color choices available. For example, the  TuffRider Technical Sport Shirt comes in a variety of eight fun and vibrant colors, including hot pink and glacier blue. Plus, the combination of moisture-wicking technical fabric and ventilated mesh on the underside of the arms gives you maximum temperature control that will come in handy when the sun is beating down on you on course. 

Pair this shirt with the  FITS Performax Breeches. These breeches are available in a traditional black, as well as a light dove gray and smoky ink duet. Perforated segmented leather panels on the buttocks and thighs provide tremendous grip without the bulk. Plus, the smooth finish will help to keep you clean and looking sharp, as it sheds dirt, hair, and shavings. 

Finish off this equestrian fashion look with the  TuffRider Olympia Field Boot. This distinctive boot has signature stitching on the upper calf and a punched toe cap for added style. A durable rubber outsole protects these boots from wear and tear, while the flex construction offers added comfort. 

Cross Country Casual Outfit

When you take your horse cross country schooling, you’ll want to wear an outfit that’s a little more casual, but still has some style and flair. If you choose the right clothing, you can even wear your same cross country colors so you can be easily identified from far away. 

The  TuffRider Minerva EquiCool Tights are available in colors like duck green and wine, as well as more traditional colors such as black and safari. The mesh pocket will keep your cell phone secure against your side in case of emergency. Plus, the silicone knee patches offer added grip and security in the saddle– which as many eventers know, can really come in handy on the cross country field!

The  Taylor Tee Shirt is a great match for the Minerva tights. The loose fit doesn’t need to be tucked in and can be worn out over your tights. Available in seven different colors, the v-neck cut is flattering on almost any body type. Plus, this t-shirt is infused with EquiCool fabric to keep you cool no matter how hot it is.

Finish off your casual horse riding outfit with the  TuffRider Slip-On Graphix. Perfect to wear around the barn before you change into your riding boots, these comfortable slip-on shoes  are available in a variety of brightly colored vivid patterns that are sure to stand out. 

Equestrian Fashion for the Barrel Racer

equestrian fashion outfits for horseback riding for barrel racers

While some barrel racers like to go wild with patterns, colors, and themes, most barrel racers that you’ll see at a rodeo wear outfits that are functional and practical. With a few carefully chosen pieces, your barrel racing outfit can look stylish as well as practical.

When you’re running barrels at a rodeo, you need to be thinking about your horse, your next turn, and going as fast as possible. The last thing you need distracting you is a pair of uncomfortable shoes or a slippery pair of jeans that don't make you feel secure in the saddle. 

Choose  Wrangler’s The Ultimate Riding Jean for your next run around the barrels. These jeans are designed to hold up under the pressure of fast turns and dead runs. On-trend washes and details combined with performance riding features create a jean that delivers the ultimate in fashion and function. A classic mid-rise fit is enhanced with a slightly pitched waistband that sits lower in the front and higher in the back for maximum comfort and coverage in the saddle. 

Pair these jeans with one of the many colors available in the Roper Western Snap Shirts. Like  this bright orange, you can choose a color that will make you stand out in the ring. Made of 100 percent cotton and with two pockets, these shirts will look good and keep you comfortable. 

As all Western riders know, it’s really about the boots. The  TuffRider String Embroidered Western Boots are prepared from leather and dyed fabric for a timeless design. The square toe keeps your foot comfortable and provides support.

Reining Outfits for Horseback Riding

reining outfits for horseback riding

The reining arena is all about your connection and skill with your horse. While you don’t want to take the focus off of your horse and onto your equestrian fashion outfit, you can still look professional and stylish as a reiner. 

As a reiner, you’ll need to wear a pair of Western chaps. The  Tough-1 Fringed Chaps are a great option thanks to their quality suede leather. You can even customize the fit of these chaps thanks to adjustable buckles on the front and back. 

The  Rock & Roll Dark Wash Riding Jeans are a great choice to wear under your chaps. Thanks to their extra stretch fabric and bootcut style, they’re designed to be your new favorite pair of riding pants. No matter what the day brings, these jeans will be comfortable and stylish. On top, choose the  Roper Blue Western Snap Shirt. Made of 100 percent cotton and available in a vibrant ocean blue, this shirt is not only comfortable, but stylish as well. 

Finish off this Western-inspired equestrian fashion look with the  TuffRider Jenny Western Boots. These boots come with tri-colored stitching and an intricate western design for a confident combination of traditional and modern Western style. Plus, these boots are made from water-resistant nepa tan leather for added durability.

Western Pleasure Outfits for Horseback Riding

western outfits for horseback riding

Similar to dressage, the Western Pleasure ring is all about the glitz and glamor. Saddles feature lots of shiny silver, while sparkles and silky fabric is not at all uncommon in the show ring. This look is all about the glam. 

Elevate your Western Pleasure outfit with the  TuffRider Americana Shirt. Flattering seams and clean lines give this shirt a feminine shape and a professional and tidy look. Plus, the hidden mid-zipper prevents gaping at the midsection. Available in seven beautiful colors, the fabric also has a slight sheen to it that will fit right in with your next Western Pleasure class. 

Choose to wear a pair of jeans that offers both a comfortable fit and a dark enough color to blend right in with your chaps. The  Rock & Roll Bootcut Riding Jeans are available in a dark wash that creates an overall navy blue look. With extra stretch and a mid-rise waist, these jeans are designed to keep you comfortable in the saddle.  Tough-1 Fringed Chaps can be worn over these jeans to finish off your Western equestrian fashion look. 

Last but not least, every Western Pleasure show outfit for horseback riding needs a great pair of Western boots. The  Ferrini Stampede Boots in black will blend in with your black chaps and dark jeans for an overall seamless and elegant look. Plus, these boots add a little color and fun to any outfit  thanks to the stitched distressed leather turquoise shaft, which can also be hidden underneath chaps and jeans.

Western Casual Horse Riding Outfit

western casual horse riding outfit

Now that the show is over, what should you wear? The best Western-inspired equestrian fashion outfits are at home at the rodeo, at your barn, or even out to dinner. Our favorite look combines unique stitching and details with plaid patterns and embroidered Western boots for a style that is eye-catching and cohesive. 

The  TuffRider Mormon Embroidered Western Boots add fun details like the cream-colored embroidered flowers. Plus, they’re made from cow-aged bark leather, which keeps these boots versatile by providing water resistance along with a soft texture and quick-drying properties. 

These boots will really stand out when worn with the  Tin Haul Steer Head Ella Fit Jeans. The Ella Fit Jeans sit just below the waist and feature a moderately fit thigh with a stylish and trendy flare. Heavy gold stitching outlines the embroidered steer head and arrows on the back pockets. 

Finally, wear the  Panhandle Plaid Snap Shirt as the finishing touch on this trendy look. This shirt has a timeless design with a flattering women's fit and a beautifully accented paisley cuff that complements the overall ombre plaid pattern. 

Equestrian Fashion Meets Function

Whether you ride English, Western, or both, every equestrian wants outfits for horseback riding that look good and are durable enough to handle the wear and tear of the barn lifestyle. On Breeches.com, we know what equestrians are looking for. All of our products have been designed by equestrians, for equestrians. 

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