Horse Clothing Dictionary - Horse Sheet, Horse Blanket, Horse Boots

Horse Clothing Dictionary - Horse Sheet, Horse Blanket, Horse Boots

So, you’ve decided that your horse needs to wear a blanket because of being clipped, weight loss, extra cold weather etcetera. Easy, right? (Not really)

The horse clothing world is a large (and sometimes confusing) one. There are lots of other options for all different needs such as the well-known turnout blankets, sheets and fly horse sheets. Continuously, there are scrim horse sheets, coolers, dress sheets, stable blankets, stable horse sheets and even therapeutic horse clothing. These all have different purposes and uses. 


What are different horse clothing and when do you use them? 

Scrim Horse Sheets- Used as ring-side horse sheets for dust and dirt protection. When horse and rider are going to enter the ring, they need to be looking their best. Show rings can often be especially dusty and there is sure to be flying debris. Keep your horse and saddle dust free when waiting for your next class. These also provide some UV protection on sunny show days. This is especially helpful for owners of grey horses, the little buggers.

The TuffRider Scrim Sheet is perfect for storing in your trailer for those long, hot show days for between classes or to drape over your horse for some sunny trail rides.


Cooler- Used mainly in cold weather to wick sweat away from the body while still trapping some heat to keep your horse warm from chilly weather. Cooling down a hot horse can easily slip through your head as a rider, because of the temperature. The truth is, horses need the time to walk and cool down just as much in the winter as other seasons. Coolers are helpful during this time 

Dress Horse Sheets- Used to boast stable colors and usually monogrammed with owner’s initials, show/registered name, stable name, etc.. Dress horse sheets add a polished look while leading horses on and off the trailer and to their day stall. These also offer some breathable warmth in cool mornings. 

TuffRider® Fleece Dress Sheets are made from an anti-pill, heavy fleece that is breathable and moisture wicking keeping the horse warm and dry.


Stable Horse Blankets- Stable horse blankets are manufactured for keeping your horse warm when the temperatures drop even in the barn. Just like regular turnout horse blankets, stable horse sheets keep your horse warm and provide a heat-trapping effect. Stable horse blankets are not generally waterproof, but water-resistant to guard against urine and fecal matter. Not generally designed for turnout, stable horse blankets keep your horse cozy in the safe area of a stall where there isn’t kicking, biting and heavy horseplay out in the field. 

Stable Horse Sheets- Used and designed the same as stable horse blankets, not generally used for turnout. Stable horse sheets add water resistance and slight warmth for cool days in the stable as well. 

The TuffRider Thermo Manager Stable Sheet with Piping is ideal for horses kept stabled in cold climates, or any horse that is clipped in the winter.


Therapeutic Horse Clothing- Many rehab product companies are coming out with new lines of horse clothing that have therapeutic properties such as magnetic, heat therapy, cold therapy, etc. These are worn in the stable as well and not intended for rough horseplay in the paddock. 

There are many different options for equine caretakers. Options passed regular turnouts get confusing. Horse clothing options can change or enhance horse management and turnout situations. always has a live chat for such questions, or ask your local tack shop! 

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