Home Decor Gifts for Horse Lovers

Home Decor Gifts for Horse Lovers

Even for a fellow equestrian, buying gifts for horse lovers can be tricky. If you buy them a saddle pad or tack set you need to know the size of their horse, what materials they prefer, and what type of riding they do. If you buy them a pair of breeches, you need to know their size, whether they prefer full seat or knee patch, and whether they like tights or thick jodhpurs. Keep it simple and choose to buy them an equestrian-inspired home decor gift instead! 

Every equestrian loves to add something a little “horse-y” to their home. Keep reading for our full room-by-room guide to home decor gifts for the horse lovers in your life.  

Gifts for the Entryway

The foyer is a visitor’s first impression of a home and you want it to be a good one. Help your equestrian design an entryway to match the rest of their home’s decor. Instead of a bland and boring entryway, gift your horse lover these horse-inspired must-haves for every equestrian’s foyer. 

Announce their love for horses with a  cowboy boot welcome sign. This 16” by 20” sign features a traditional cowboy boot with spurs and a decorative spur strap. Perfect for the western rider in your life, it has two color options- black and brown- with silver accents. Or if the cowboy life isn’t for them, check out this  antiqued decorative welcome star instead. Available in black and silver, this 24” metal star is surrounded by smaller letters welcoming visitors to the home. 

metal tractor planter gift for horse lovers

Keep the equine motif going as visitors step onto the porch with a  metal tractor planter that’s sure to add some country charm to any home. Available in royal blue and green, this metal planter is simple but charming. The planter itself measures 5” wide and tapers down to 3.5” at the bottom-- perfect for a small flowering plant. 

Give your equestrian the gift of always having somewhere to hang their hat with a  4-piece set of metal equine motif hooks. Available in black and gold, this set of hooks features a small star pattern complemented by a silhouetted horse. Each hook itself is made to appear braided. It’s really all in the details with this beautiful set. 

Gifts for the Kitchen

For the equestrian who’s also a bit of a home chef, you can’t go wrong with a set of matching linens for the kitchen.  Tuffrider’s EquiHome line has you covered with potholders, oven mitts, and an apron. Each item has the color option of black-and-white bits, a beautiful brown foxhunter, or a silhouetted showjumper. 

apron gifts for horse lovers

The  oven mitts have a convenient loop for hanging from a hook and are double-quilted to ensure the wearer is protected from a hot oven. The  apron has a handy kangaroo-style pocket to keep your tools close at hand while cooking. Get your friend a set of  potholders to match. These durable pads will protect your countertops and tables from damaging heat. 

Mix-and-match different themes for your holiday gift or buy one matching set. 

Gifts for the Dining Room

Next take the party into the dining room with equestrian-inspired decor. Unique accents will elevate the room to elegant dining with a little bit of a country twist. Gift your horse lover a beautiful brushed metal  lantern bank with horse cut outs to fill a bare corner. Options include a quarter horse silhouette or a touching scene of a kneeling horse and rider in front of a cross. 

gift idea for horse lovers, antique metal birdhouse

If the equestrian in your life isn’t a fan of brushed metals, give them an  antique metal birdhouse instead. This adorable corrugated metal barn birdhouse has big “x” front doors and even a hayloft, complete with a little perch underneath. Your friend or family member can make it the centerpiece of their dining room table or hang it on the wall for subtle horse-inspired accent decor. 

Or continue with your themed items from the kitchen! Add some matching  placemats for the dining room table to your collection of potholders, oven mitts, and aprons. Still with the same pattern choices of black-and-white bits, a beautiful bay foxhunter, or silhouetted showjumper. 

Gifts for the Living Room

throw blanket gift for horse lovers

If you haven’t found a gift for horse lovers that catches your eye yet, check out our collection of equestrian-inspired living room decor. Nothing is cozier than a soft  throw blanket to curl up with on a cold winter’s day. What better present than a woven blanket displaying a softly moving herd of horses? The natural earth tones make it easy to match to almost any living room. 

Complement the blanket with two accent pillows. Our  “Life Without Horses” pillow adds a bit of humor to a couch. Featuring a bay horse on a cream background, the pillow is made of a high-quality woven material and would match the blanket perfectly. Or choose the  “Back of a Horse” design instead which features a smiling cat sitting on the back of a chestnut horse against a pine green background. 

Gifts for the Bedroom

Take the barn right into the bedroom with these gifts for horse lovers. A subtle  arrow frame with room for three pictures brings some country decor into the room. Available in black or tan, the frame makes a beautiful wall hanging perfect to hold happy memories. An additional corrugated  metal wall hanging reading “Home is Where the Barn is” adds another touch of rustic style without taking away from the cozy feel of a bedroom. The simple country design features a barn and silo with cursive script. 

dog with baker plaid blanket on leather couch, gifts for horse lovers

If the equestrian in your life is a fan of 5/A Baker products, consider this  Baker logo afghan to go over their bedspread. The traditional red and cream color plus the vintage font is an exact reprint of Baker’s iconic logo. Or if that’s a bit hard to match to existing decor, gift your horse lover this simple  Baker plaid afghan. Devoid of logos and text, the afghan is the traditional Baker plaid design, made to exactly match their horse’s blankets.

Find Gifts for Horse Lovers at Breeches.com

Buying the perfect gift for horse lovers can feel overwhelming, particularly when you aren’t familiar with the sport. Luckily, we’ve made it easy for you at Breeches.com. Head to our “Gifts” tab to shop our curated collection of presents for equestrians young and old. We have everything from Breyer horses to kitchenware, so you’ll be sure to find exactly what you’re looking for. 

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