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Horse Gift Ideas for Barn Managers

Barn managers are some of the most hard-working equestrians you’ll ever meet. Whether it’s raining, snowing, or sleeting, they still come to work because they know that the horses come first. Our barn managers make sure our horses are safe, healthy, and happy; they absolutely deserve to be shown our appreciation this time of year! 

When you’re shopping for horse gifts for barn managers, take some time to think of something that’s thoughtful and helpful. Check out the gifts for horse people below to find the perfect present for your barn manager. 

Memorialize their Favorite Horse

Did your barn manager recently lose their horse? Memorialize their horse for all time with a thoughtful horse gift this holiday season. A photo collage or display of their favorite horse could become a treasured wall decoration for years to come. What better way to capture their favorite memories than by putting them on display?

This  Three Frame Chalkboard/Ribbon Hanger could hang on their living room wall or even in the tack room. Fill the frames with photographs from the most recent show season and write a thoughtful note on the chalkboard before wrapping. 

Durable but Beautiful Bracelet

At first, jewelry may seem like a great gift for horse people. But keep in mind that barn managers are constantly working outside and working with their hands. Being a barn manager is not just a job, it’s a 24/7 demanding lifestyle. Whether it’s mucking stalls, grooming horses, or even mowing the fields, any jewelry they wear has to be hardy and tough, but still look good. 

This  Snaffle Bit Bracelet from AWST International fits all of these horse gift requirements. Beautiful and feminine, as well as durable, this bracelet could be worn on most days working in the barn. Made from genuine leather, this bracelet isn’t a delicate silver chain that will snap when pulled on. Instead, the leather and metal rivets provide a sturdy base for the beautiful gold tone snaffle bit accent. 

Horse Head Wine Tumbler For Post-Work Relaxation

Being a barn manager is no walk in the park. After a long day mucking stalls, riding horses, and doing general barn maintenance, your barn manager probably loves nothing more than to put their feet up and have a glass of wine while they watch their favorite Netflix show. 

This  Stainless Steel Wine Tumbler is decorated with an elegant horse head against a gold backdrop. The secure lid even makes it safe to drink red wine while lounging on the couch or taking a bath. Thanks to its double wall vacuum insulation, this tumbler keeps your beverage the perfect temperature no matter what you are drinking. 

Make it a DIY spa gift, by combining this tumbler with a nice bottle of red wine and a candle or bath bomb. Your barn manager is sure to reach for this after a hard day of work or after falling off while riding the green horse in the barn. 

Self Care Gift Basket

Equestrians are notorious for giving their horses the absolute best care, but not taking care of themselves– and barn managers are perhaps the worst at giving themselves some TLC! Give your barn manager everything she needs to sit back and relax this holiday season with a self care gift basket. 

Start with the  AWST International Snaffle Bit Plaid Cosmetic Pouch. Opt for the large size so you have enough room to fill it with small presents. This cosmetic pouch is made from durable, easy to clean polyurethane exterior fabric and is fully lined with a zippered top closure and gusset bottom. 

Fill the pouch with a unique nail file, like the  Lettia Hunt Scene Nail File. Next, add in the  AWST Snaffle Bit Plaid Scarf. Not only does this scarf match the cosmetic pouch, but it’s also the perfect scarf to keep your barn manager warm on a cold winter’s day! Made from 100 percent acrylic polyester, it’s as soft as it is warm.  

Finally, finish off your gift basket with this  Stainless Steel Tumbler with a fancy horse head motif. This tumbler is double wall vacuum insulated and will keep drinks warm or cold all day long! For the cherry on top of your present, fill the tumbler with hot cocoa mix packets. 

Horse Care Gift Basket

All equestrians know that a present for their horse is really a present for themselves. Get your barn manager a horse care gift basket, filled with unique brushes and grooming tools that they wouldn’t buy for themselves. 

The  Lettia Tote is the perfect size and shape to be the “basket” for your present. Collapsible for added convenience, it’s easy to carry and keep clean. Plus, all of the compartments, pockets, and dividers give you many different places to hide your presents. 

The  TuffRider Massage Brush is a great unique present for your horse grooming gift basket. This unique brush is double sided. On one side there are soft teeth for grooming, like normal. But on the other side, there are magnetic roller balls to massage and help improve circulation for your horse. 

Consider adding the  TuffRider Scrubaglove to your gift basket. This glove features two different textures of bristles on each side. All your barn manager has to do is slip it on and use the side their horse prefers. 

Finally, finish off your basket with a nice set of Lettia Wood Back Brushes. The  Navajo Horsehair Brush is made from real horse hair for a more natural way of grooming the coat. Pair it with the  Synthetic Goat Hair Brush, which is perfect for adding shine worthy of the show ring.  

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