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Equestrian Gifts for Your Veterinarian

Veterinarians are an essential part of our horse care team. Whether providing preventative care like vaccines or rushing to your barn in the middle of the night for an emergency call, our horses wouldn’t be healthy and happy without help from our vets. Show your vet how much you appreciate them this holiday season with thoughtful equestrian gifts. 

Practical Equestrian Gifts

Veterinarians are a practical group of equestrians. The best equestrian gift for your vet may be one that will have a purpose in their daily visits to different stables. For example, consider getting your vet the  HAAS Hoof Pick and Brush Duo. This unique two-in-one brush is a bestseller on the European market. This special brush features long bristles and a hoof pick on the handle. It’s a great solution for cleaning hooves thoroughly and picking out the dirt in the collateral grooves. This is one task your veterinarian probably does dozens of times a day– make their life easier with this equestrian gift!

Or get your vet the  Eqclusive Brush for Brushes. This brush is essentially a multi-tool. It cleans brushes made from almost any material, including plastic, natural bristles, and even sheepskin. Not only is it the best brush on the market when it comes to cleaning other brushes, but it also works as a deshedder brush for all animals and as a velcro cleaning brush. With the help of this brush, your veterinarian can brush their dog, clear the velcro on polo wraps or other equipment, and keep their grooming tools clean. 

Little, but Thoughtful, Horse Presents

Horse presents for your veterinarian do not have to be a big deal. Oftentimes, a small equestrian gift with a thoughtful card tells your veterinarian that you appreciate how hard they work to keep your horse healthy, while also being easy on your wallet. 

AWST International makes a series of minimalistic equestrian-themed keychains that could be the perfect gift for your veterinarian, when paired with a card. For example, the durable aluminum  Rearing Horse Keychain could be just what they need so they don’t misplace the keys to their clinic. Or, they could use the  Horseshoe Keychain for the keys to the company truck. 

If you want to make the present a little bigger, pair the keychain with a gift card to their favorite coffee shop or a bottle of wine. 

For their Kitchen

Why not give horse presents that add a little equestrian flair to your vet’s kitchen? These equestrian gifts from AWST International and TuffRider are both practical and fun. 

For example, the  AWST International Vintage Horse Head Flour Sack Kitchen Towel is a wonderful addition to any horse lover’s kitchen. Featuring a gorgeous black and white vintage line drawing of a horse head on a white flour sack background, this towel is functional and beautiful. Lightweight and quick drying, this towel is sure to be a staple in their kitchen for years to come. 

Combine the kitchen towel with another equestrian gift, like these  TuffRider Equestrian Themed Pot Holders. These high-quality pot holders will protect tables and countertops from hot pots and pans, but they’ll do it in style. Available in two different horse-themed patterns, these pot holders will add a little extra equestrian flair to your veterinarian’s home. 

Set of Unique Scarves

Does your vet have a flair for fashion? Consider getting them horse presents that can elevate any outfit. 

The  Horses in Blankets Satin Scarf by AWST International features a three by four grid of horses wearing different styles of blankets. Made from silky 100 percent satin polyester, this 36 inch by 36 inch scarf will instantly elevate any outfit. Available in four different colors, you’re sure to find one that will match your vet’s personal style. 

If your vet dresses a little more traditionally, consider getting her the equestrian gift of a  Snaffle Bit Scarf, instead. Also designed by AWST International, this scarf features a repeating snaffle bit pattern surrounded by a frame of equestrian belts and straps. Available in gold, navy, pink, and red, this horse present will make the day of any stylish equestrian.

Horse Presents for their Home

Veterinarians are horse lovers at heart, and their home probably reflects that. What better horse present to get them than equestrian decor for their home?

For example, this  Cowboy Boot Welcome Sign can invite visitors to their clinic, barn, or home. Featuring a rustic-style cowboy, complete with spur strap, this 16 inch by 20 inch sign spells out “Welcome” in inviting block letters. Who knows, maybe the next time you stop by their home or clinic, you’ll find your holiday present hanging by the front door. 

Or, consider getting your veterinarian some holiday-themed horse presents. Breyer has a collection of beautiful horse ornaments that will be the crowning touch on any Christmas tree. 

The  Breyer Arabian Beautiful Breeds Ornament features a delicate Arabian horse, which is one of the world’s oldest horse breeds. Designed by artist Sommer Prosser, this elegant Arabian wears a gold rope halter with festive green tassels and represents the 21st model in a collectible series. A beautiful addition to your vets holiday decor, it’s the perfect equestrian gift for the veterinarian who is also an Arabian-enthusiast. 

Does your veterinarian own a pinto, or simply have a soft spot for black-and-white paints?  Breyer’s Artist Signature Ornament Collection features a set of two ornaments with black-and-white pintos. Designed by artist Sheryl Leisure, this double-sided frosted oval glass ball ornament features two beautiful images of Pintos inspired by Breyer models. One side displays a rearing tobiano Pinto, and the other a standing tobiano Pinto. Both horses stand in front of shadowed evergreen trees in the shimmering snow with glitter accents.

Horse Presents for Every Vet on Breeches.com

Whether you’re looking for practical equestrian gifts or simply beautiful keepsakes, Breeches.com has horse presents for everyone on your list. 

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