How To Help Your Horse With Cold Therapy Boots

How To Help Your Horse With Cold Therapy Boots

Are you familiar with Easycare horse boots? 

The Remedy is a personal favorite of mine, and it’s the therapy boot style I use most often. These boots have been a game changer and regular go-to for me for anything from preparation to treatment to preventative maintenance for my horses.

The Remedy boots are built out of a strong, flexible, 100% waterproof, genuine rubber. 

The Ultimate Remedy is a taller boot that will allow you to soak your horse’s leg up to 5-6 inches above the knee, on average. The upper portion is constructed of a water-repelling, four-way stretch material that can be folded down to reduce the height as needed. The Ultimate Remedy boots are ideal for ice therapy and can be a great tool to aid in recovery and maintenance.

The Remedy boots are shorter and allow you to soak your horse’s leg up to about halfway up the cannon bone, on average. This style can be used to treat abscesses, white line disease, thrush, hoof rot, cracked feet, sole bruises, you name it. It pairs wonderfully with a variety of products such as White Lighting and Epsom salts.

The structure of both the Ultimate Remedy and the Remedy is designed to conform slightly to the hoof/leg. Both styles have a rubber outsole to add traction. These features, along with the height of both boot styles, help to keep the boot on and in place (that’s right, no more launching regular ol’ buckets into outer space and wasting your products).

One of my favorite uses for these boots, and how I most frequently use my Remedy boots, is to prep and rehab my horses before and after barrel races, roping events, and even just long days working cows.

The night before a barrel race I like to pull out my Ultimate Remedy boots, put them on my horses, fill them with ice first and then add water, and then cover the remaining portion of the legs and shoulders with a poultice. The Remedy boots paired with poultice is a match made in heaven! I typically use either Sore No More Poultice or Finish Line Ez-Willow Poultice.

I will leave the boots on and let the legs soak for around 30-45 minutes. I then remove the boots, let the legs dry, apply poultice to the remainder of the leg, wrap them up, apply an Easyboot Cloud to each hoof, and get ready to hit the road. I like to follow this routine even more so after a barrel race or a hard workout. I believe it to be the most crucial and beneficial time to care for my horses’ legs.

Cold therapy is an age-old technique. It has been tested and proven that ice therapy will aid in drawing out heat and restoring circulation after strenuous activity, cooling down tissue, healing tendons, and reducing inflammation and soreness.

The Remedy boots have consistently helped to keep all of my horses feeling and working their best. These boots offer the same benefits for all horses, no matter their discipline.

The Remedy boots are an amazing tool for therapy, preventative maintenance, and just some extra TLC. With all of the versatile uses for this boot, you can’t go wrong!

How do you use the Easyboot Remedy?

Pro Tip: We all know the toll that working with horses can take on our bodies. The Remedy boots can also be used on your tired and achy joints and muscles!

 Written By: Marielle Shelton, EasyCare Product Specialist 

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