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Introducing Equinatura: Natural Horse Care

Have you noticed a new brand available on  Breeches.com? We’re proud to announce that we’re now offering Equinatura for sale on our online tack store. Offering a natural horse care option, like Equinatura, allows our customers to reduce the use of chemicals on or near their horse. Equinatura is committed to only manufacturing and selling well-researched and high-quality products, making them a perfect fit for our collection of brands available on  Breeches.com.  

Why Choose Natural Horse Care

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Think of all the chemicals that surround your horse. From pesticides in fly spray to parabens and sulfates in grooming products to carcinogens in leather cleaners, your horse is constantly surrounded by chemicals. Fears about what’s in beauty products in humans is spreading to the world of horse care, and with good reason.  

For example, according to  Everyday Health, “While the FDA says that some of these concerning ingredients, including phthalates and parabens, are safe as used, research points to these as potential endocrine disruptors, or chemicals that affect hormones and may increase risk of cancer or fertility problems.”

If the ingredients in human beauty products could harm us, what’s to say the same isn’t happening to your horse? Even worse, the overuse of medications and chemicals is common. Harry Werner VMD spoke to  The Horse in regards to the damaging aspects of overusing medications and chemicals in horses. “Any medication—NSAIDs, in particular—can have deleterious side effects ranging from gastric or colonic ulcers to kidney disease and intestinal microbiome disturbances. Use NSAIDs as infrequently as necessary, he says, and only when a veterinarian’s diagnosis deems them appropriate.”

While some of these chemicals are necessary– for example, when your veterinarian prescribes NSAIDs– why not cut back on the use of strong chemicals when you can? In general, the educated use of herbs for horses means fewer side effects and less chemical exposure for your horse. That’s why we’re now offering Equinatura products on Breeches.com, to give our customers the option to avoid harmful side effects due to long exposure to chemicals for both themselves and their horse.

The History of Equinatura

young girl holding the entire equinatura natural horse care collection in a basket

Equinatura was created over two decades ago, when Dr. Ulf Jacoby from leovet first developed high-quality natural horse care products that were both sustainable and affordable. From the very beginning, Equinatura focused on innovation and quality. The brand invested a lot of time and resources in research and development to create the most effective and gentle formulas for its products. They worked closely with veterinarians, horse care specialists, and riders to ensure that their products meet the highest standards.

Equinatura is proud to be a subset of leovet Dr. Jacoby GmbH & Co. KG. leovet  is among the leading producers of horse care products in Germany and Europe. The company was founded by pharmacist and competitive rider Dr. Ulf Jacoby in 1982. From the very start, Dr. Jacoby was focused on better health for the horse and less work for the rider. More than 40 years later, that is still the company’s philosophy today. leovet Dr. Jacoby GmbH & Co. KG regularly offers new and innovative products, using only raw materials and active ingredients of pharmaceutical quality. Each of their 60 products provides effective care for horses at the highest level.

Equinatura products use alpine herbs and numerous naturopathic plants. All of these herbs for horses are handled with care at the Equinatura manufacturing facilities. Sticking to the philosophy of simple is better, Equinatura products contain only the absolutely essential ingredients. The Equinatura team uses appropriate natural alternatives instead of chemical additives. All products have been reviewed by independent experts who advise the team on how to improve Equinatura recipes and products. Only when these independent experts are satisfied do new products hit the shelves. 

Equinatura Products for Every Aspect of Barn Life

the equinatura natural horse care hair tonic in use

There’s an Equinatura product for every aspect of barn life, whether it’s cleaning your leather tack or grooming your horse. We’ve stocked Breeches.com with the essential Equinatura products, including hoof oils, skin balms, and cooling gels. 

The  Equinatura Hair Tonic provides our customers with a natural horse care solution for itchy skin using only the best herbs for horses. This tonic relieves dandruff and soothes itching and rashes. Caffeine revives the roots of the hair, promoting the growth of both the mane and tail. Burdock root oil stops the spread of bacteria that cause summer eczema. Thanks to these high-quality herbs for horses, this tonic will help to maintain healthy skin.

Are you looking for that beautiful show-ring quality hoof polish without the harsh chemicals?  Equinatura Hoof Oil will nourish your horse’s hooves while creating a long-lasting shine at the same time. This hoof oil contains oils of avocado, jojoba, sesame and marigold. These oils nourish the hoof and keep it elastic. The oil supports the growth of the hoof, improves its structure and gives it a long-lasting shine.

Having a multi-purpose skin balm at the barn can be so useful. Skin protectors shield the skin from bug bites, soothe rashes, and prevent girth rubs. If you’re looking to swap out carcinogenic petroleum jelly for a natural horse care option, check out the  Equinatura Skin Balm. This balm contains a high-quality, preservative-free lipid cream and rosemary to care for the skin, keep it supple, and protect it from harmful environmental influences. Try using it on your horse’s tail, hind leg, scars, and more.

Click here to shop the entire Equinatura collection and learn more about this great brand.

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