The Reign of Dressage Queens and What They Need In the Show Ring

The Reign of Dressage Queens and What They Need In the Show Ring

Dressage queens, you know who you are. You’re particular, driven and style is important, all as you should be! offers all of the essentials you need to enter the ring, halt and salute in style. 


As your horse always comes first, let’s talk tack !!

henri-de-rivel-piaffe-mono-crown-bridle-w-flash-nose-band-with-patent-leatherA comfortable mono crown is complacent to your horse’s sensitive poll area and cuts around the ears for easy mobility. Available in black or Havana, this bridle can be bought in traditional dressage tack colors to match your saddle and girth.

The Pro Piaffe Mono Crown Bridle with Flash Noseband with Patent Leather is a sensible choice with a flair. Patent leather across the nose and browband adds Flash nosebands are quite common in the dressage ring at all levels.

 Dressage is the English equivalent to reining in the western world. Both require ultimate attention to fine-tuned movements, clean transitions and clear communication from both horse and rider.

henri-de-rivel-ventura-covered-dressage-saddle-flockedThe saddle is super important for communicating with your horse through the use of your seat and you should be particular about what goes on your horse’s back and under your bum!

A well-fitted saddle should be comfortable for the rider, and especially the horse. There are similarities between the reining horse saddle and the dressage saddle. They both have leg flaps, a pommel, a cantle and a structural tree. But we ain't wranglin’ today, we’re dressagin’.


Henri de Rivel has several options for dressage. The Ventura Covered Dressage saddle offers a moderately deep seat for a close feel and knee blocks for leg stability. Flocked panels are able to be adjusted (by a professional only!) to accommodate your horse’s distinct muscling. The Ventura also boasts signature stitching.  Add an engraved plate to the back of the cantle for another touch of individuality and shine!


henri-de-rivel-equalizer-dressage-girthThe Equalizer Dressage Girth by Henri de Rivel is a great option to pair with your dressage saddle. Get even pressure distribution on the billets with crossed buckle straps. This adds more comfort for your horse and peace of mind for you. The style in the saddle is almost as important as your remembering your test!















tuffrider-ladies-shadbelly-show-coatThe coat worn for dressage especially in the upper levels is called the “shadbelly”. Long coat tails, vest points that come in different colors and a double buttoned front are all stereotypical of a shadbelly. The TuffRider Ladies Shadbelly Show Coat boasts all of the necessary characteristics of a good dressage jacket. The material is thin and stretchy for freedom of movement. 




Finally, your noggin is the most important fashion statement you can make: safety! It doesn’t have to be boring! The Show Time Plus Helmet by TuffRider features a sparkly black peak and matte exterior, putting you in the spotlight. A removable liner that convenient for washing and vented sides allow for air ventilation to keep you a little more dry during hot show days! 

There is always a little wiggle room for some unexpected style in the saddle. Sometimes staying within the dress code or USEF rule book can be a little difficult when you are looking to add a little pop to your outfit. Luckily, offers many options to sneak in a few (legal) stylish details! Don’t forget your dressage whip!

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