Horse Riding Helmet - Equestrians Must Have Tool

Horse Riding Helmet - Equestrians Must Have Tool


We are not here to lecture you or to annoyingly remind you to wear a helmet (but do it, your mother would want you too!). We ARE here to tell you all about what you should be looking for in a horse riding helmet. Not only are helmets safe, they also have a style element since equestrians love a good turnout! But, they’re expensive.

Anywhere from a basic helmet price at $25.00 to decked out in genuine crystals and costing over $1,000. offers a range of TuffRider helmets all with the budget-conscious riders in mind. 


ASTM or SEI certified helmets are the only choice riders

The function is the number one pillar of a horse riding helmet. ASTM/SEI certified helmets are the only choice riders should make when choosing their own horse riding helmet. Skull protection is the number one concern and your noggin should be the priority! If it’s not ASTM/SEI certified, do not waste your money. 

Safety doesn’t have to be boring! Add some curb appeal! Your horse riding helmet is something that stands out, make a statement (or a low profile) with a sparkly finishing touch to add the perfect amount of flare (or some matte modesty) to your riding outfit. 

Starter Basic HelmetStarter Helmet with Carbon Fiber Grill


TuffRider offers a line of horse riding helmets that have the perfect combination of style and safety. For the beginner, lessons or trail riding, the Starter Basic Horse Riding Helmet or Starter Helmet are both great choices.

With a size range for adults and kids along with an adjustable dial on the back, your noggin will achieve the optimum fit. Adjustable straps allow for a snug fit and an easy on and off clip.

Horse Riding Helmet - Equestrians Must Have Tool

The CoolMax Liner allows for moisture wicking and adequate ventilation, it can even be washed and/or replaced.  A simple and sleek design with ventilation grills allow for adequate air flow for hours in the saddle.

Check out the Starter Helmet with Carbon Fiber Grill or the Carbon Fiber Helmet if you’re looking for something a little bit different! 

For the competitors, the TuffRider Show Time Horse Riding Helmet (2306) will be your go-to. Adjustable straps with a three prong clip allow for easy clip on and off. We know you need to be able to swing that puppy right off right when you hop off your horse after a long, hot show day.

With the CoolMax Liner, your head will thank you. Keep an extra liner in your tack box to quickly and easily switch between classes! A matte finish gives a polished, classic show look. This horse riding helmet could be used in any ring or discipline. This style is similar to many other brands that skyrocket in price. 

Equestrian horse riding helmets

TuffRider kicked it up a notch and added some serious sparkle (2307). With the same great functional features as the Show Time and carbon fiber helmets, introducing the Show Time Plus Helmet.

With an updated twist on the soft suede look, the Show Time Plus Helmet boasts a sparkly peak for a glamorous touch to your show attire. Other great features of this horse riding helmet include a soft lined inner shell, which provides ventilation and comfort with ventilation slots. 

The Coolmax liner provides cushion and is conveniently removable for washing. Achieve that perfect custom fit feel without the giant price tag. A show-quality horse riding helmet that's available at the best price on the market. You will be sure to stand out in the ring. This is most appropriate for the jumper ring or our eventers! 

A perfect horse riding helmet is necessary for any ride. Horseback riding is a dangerous sport, but with passion, drive and it being seriously rewarding and fun, there’s no end in sight.  (But seriously people, wear one, safety is in- every season!) #MindYourMelon

We encourage all riders to practice safety in the saddle, which includes wearing a horse riding helmet (don’t forget about your mother!)


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