Riding Pants:  Breeches Or Riding Leggings? So Many Choices!

Riding Pants: Breeches Or Riding Leggings? So Many Choices!

The equestrian world is all about sweat, hard work, passion, grit, ups (literally), downs (...literally) and true horsemanship. You need the proper tack, equipment and training for success! Your riding clothing is one piece of the puzzle that can make or break a ride. Too hot? You’re drenched after just tacking up. Too cold? You’re bundled up so much you can’t move. Itchy and uncomfortable? You can’t focus. Clothes too expensive? We get filthy at the barn, for goodness sake! Your riding pants are one of the most important parts to having a successful ride. Breeches.com carries quality breeches and riding leggings at an affordable price. Comfort, style and functionality are the pillars of TuffRider and Equine Couture products. Save your extra $$$ for treats, a new saddle or vet bills (which we know is inevitable).


Breeches and riding leggings are the two main choices for schooling, trail riding, camp days, or just doing chores around the barn. The main difference between them is usually fabrics and closures. Riding leggings generally pull on and made of thinner, stretchier materials. They're perfect for staying cool and comfortable all day! You can find them in great colors to match saddle pads, polos and shirts! Breeches are more formal and structured. Showing, clinics and other more professional venues should see only breeches. Here are some examples of when to pull out your breeches vs. tights:

Summer camps are a great way to get the kiddos, or beginner adults (we didn’t forget about you), in the barn and learning some awesome new skills. Usually, there are not strict dress codes other than safety like a certified helmet, boots with heels and gloves. Riding leggings are becoming more popular for riders across the globe! If your little equestrian is need of a pair of camp tights, we recommend the TuffRider Children’s Minerva EquiCool Tights (also available in Ladies sizes)! 

These tights come in fun colors and are infused with EquiCool, which works in two ways. First, it wicks sweat away from the skin for comfort all day in the saddle and running around with barn buds! The other aspect is UV protection which protects from the brutal sun rays all day long.  Your camp may require riders to wear belts, if so you don’t have to compromise! TuffRider Children’s Prime Tights feature belt loops with that same great cool, comfortable feel.

Shows are a great way to test not only you and your horse’s training, but also show off some style! There are some discrepancies as to what you can and cannot wear as described in the USEF Rulebook, depending on discipline. Breeches are the appropriate riding pant to choose when in the show ring or attending a clinic (especially George Morris ;)).Newer styles may use silicone knee patches or full seats, which acts like tire tread and provides grab and allows for you to have more control over your seat; silicone is great for the jumper ring  when you need a little extra grip for quick, tight turns. 

For a slower pace, like the hunters or equitation, a suede knee patch will do the trick. The suede allows for traction on the knee roll of the saddle without hindering the movement of your leg. The George Morris Show Time Knee Patch Breeches give you that classic hunter look without that gigantic price tag as many other popular brands often have.

If you are a breeches-only person, but want to add a little fun to your riding wardrobe, Breeches.com has several options. The Alice breeches by Equine Couture feature an elegant floral embroidered design with denim like fabric. A retro look with all of the functional features of a great pair of breeches. 

Whether you’re attending a summer camp, competing at shows, working around the barn or just looking to refresh your riding wardrobe, Breeches.com has got you covered without breaking the bank!

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