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The Horsey Husband's Guide to Equestrian Gifts for Her


Are you struggling to find the perfect gift for your loved one who is constantly spending hours at the barn, even though they say they’ll be right back? What do equestrians even want for Christmas, anyways? Is a bag of carrots an acceptable present? What’s the difference between all the saddle pads and how do you know which one your wife needs?

If all of these thoughts crossed your mind while shopping for Christmas presents, don’t worry– we designed this guide to equestrian gifts for her with horsey husbands like you at the very top of our mind.

For the Fashionable Equestrian

equestrian gifts for her awst pashmina

Whether your wife or girlfriend rides English or Western, you can’t go wrong with gifting her a nice belt. Belts are a big deal in the equestrian community and are always shown off with a nice tucked-in shirt. The  Equine Couture Angela Leather Belt could be the perfect equestrian gift for her. This belt features quality leather, with a truly beautiful stitched pattern and is made with dark, rich Oakbark leather that is elegantly embroidered in shades of blue and white.

Or, show your support for her horse-y lifestyle with equestrian-themed lifestyle clothing. The  AWST Lila Pashmina is a versatile and fashion-forward piece of clothing that features a repeating snaffle bit design. It can be worn as a scarf or as a shawl and is the perfect compliment to many different styles of clothing. With this equestrian gift for her, she’ll appreciate that you’re embracing the equestrian lifestyle in and out of the barn. 

For the Dedicated Competitor

equestrian gifts for her the serious competitor

If you’ve ever had to help your wife memorize something called a dressage test or trail pattern, then you might be married to a serious competitor. When you’re shopping for equestrian gifts for her, some show season essentials are always appreciated. 

Hair nets make the perfect stocking stuffers. These nets are always getting stretched out or going missing. When shopping for hair nets, just make sure that you get some that match her hair color. 

Now this next present is for the horsey husband who has been married for a while because it requires one key piece of information– do you know your wife’s breeches size? White breeches are always getting dirty or just plain worn out. A new pair will absolutely be appreciated. Check out the  Equine Couture Slimming Breeches. These beautiful white breeches have a relaxed fit on the full seat and thigh area for a flattering silhouette.  

If you don’t know what size breeches your wife wears, that’s okay! Just get her an easy  Breeches.com gift card, with a thoughtful note saying you thought she may enjoy a new pair of white breeches. 

For the Beloved Horse

equestrian gifts for her favorite horse

Equestrian gifts for her aren’t limited specifically to her– when you’re shopping for an equestrian, by extension you’re also shopping for her horse. So, don’t forget to include her horse this Christmas! 

A saddle pad in her favorite color is a great equestrian gift for her and her horse. But, if your loved one rides English, you need to answer one question before you start shopping: does she jump over fences or does she only ride on the flat? If she rides over fences, you’ll most likely need to get her an  all purpose or  jumping saddle pad. But if she rides dressage and does not go over fences, then you’ll need to get her a  dressage pad

Spouses of Western riders have it a little bit easier.  Western saddle blankets are almost one size fits all, although you may want to measure her current saddle pad to make sure you get the right size. For example, check out the  TuffRider Felt Western Saddle Pad. Made of compressed felt to protect the horse's back from shock and impact from the rider, this pad is designed to provide the best in breathability to keep your horse dry and cool all ride long.

Oh, and you don’t want to forget the horse when you’re shopping for stocking stuffers! A bag of horse treats with a pretty ribbon on top is always a great choice.  Check out the German Horse Muffins.

For the Western Cowgirl

western equestrian gifts for her

Every cowgirl needs a new pair of great boots! The  TuffRider Western Boots are a great equestrian gift for her, as they are economical, high-quality, and fashion-forward. Take a look at the  Signa Floral Western Boots. These boots feature embroidered flowers trailing up the shaft and along the toe against a backdrop of rich brown cow rust earthquake leather.  TuffRider Western Boots are durable and designed to hold up to use both in and out of the saddle. 

For the Trail Rider

trail riding equestrian gifts for her

If your loved one loves nothing more than to hit the trails, get her some trail riding essentials so she can relax with her horse in luxury. First up in this section of equestrian gifts for her, we have an  insulated saddle bag. This large padded nylon insulated saddle carry bag will easily hold a 12-pack on each side. A convenient handle and two dee rings make it easy to attach to the saddle. Plus, handy outside pockets have "quick grip" closure to make getting something out of the bag convenient, too!

Or, if that’s not really her style, get her a handy  TuffRider Trail Riding Saddle Pad. This equestrian gift for her features a buckle pocket that’s perfect for storing treats, a sandwich, or a water bottle. Available in six different colors, including fluorescent orange,  this saddle pad could become her new go-to favorite. 

For When You’re At Your Wits End… 

winter equestrian gifts for her

When you’re stumped and you don’t know her breeches size, what size her saddle pad is, whether or not she jumps, or anything else about her riding habits, there’s one easy solution that will never let you down: a  Breeches.com Gift Card. There’s no better way to make sure she gets an equestrian gift for her that she absolutely loves than by letting her pick it out herself.  A gift card to Breeches.com says that you support her horse riding habit, without having to risk getting her a present that she won’t be able to use. Consider pairing this equestrian gift for her with a thoughtful note or a bag of treats for her horse. 

Find Equestrian Gifts for Her on Breeches.com

At Breeches.com, we have something for everyone. When you’re stumped for ideas, head on over to our home page or clearance section to shop for the latest deals. 

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