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The Spicy Girl Collection: A New Take on Equestrian Apparel


You may have seen something a little different on our horse riding apparel online website, Breeches.com. The Spicy Girl Collection features lace accents, daring cutouts, and unique bell sleeves that you won’t find in your average equestrian apparel store. As the brain child of  Laurie Sharma and her good friend Lauren Brody, this new collection is designed to have some fun and bring fashion into the show ring. 

Lauren is well-known for her risk-taking style. With her purple hair flying in the wind and her risqué show shirts that feature an open neckline and cropped length, Laurie says she has fought with stewards in regards to her attire and has now become an expert on the rulebook regarding her clothes. 

“She pushes the envelope and has fought with the stewards about her clothing. She'll wear a collar and then it's all open [at the neckline] with a crop top. And these really fancy jackets, and she wears leggings. So she's completely not the normal conservative rider,” says Laurie, who has been inspired by her friend and fellow competitor. 

Recently, Laurie and Equine Couture made a show coat to match Lauren’s non-traditional style. “We made a lace show coat for her. It's super stretchy lace, but you can see the shirt underneath the show coat. Again, especially in the jumpers, as long as it's a show coat it doesn't matter so much how it’s styled.”

This show coat was the spark that created Spicy Girl equestrian apparel. Now, Laurie and Lauren have worked together to build a collection of horse riding apparel that pushes the envelope of what’s traditionally seen in the show ring. 

Our Favorite Spicy Girl Show Outfit

spicy girl show equestrian apparel

With a collection that’s so unlike any other type of equestrian apparel, what would a show outfit look like? We’ve put together one of our favorite show outfits using pieces from the Spicy Girl collection so you can imagine something you might wear. 

Starting with the shirt, we chose the  Spicy Girl Clove Show Shirt. This shirt combines traditional features with unique lace accents. Full lace sleeves, but a traditional collared neckline, create a unique look that can be put on display or hidden with a traditional show coat. For this outfit, we went with the black long sleeve version of the shirt. Made from a comfortable blend of polyester and lycra, this shirt moves with you in and out of the saddle. 

For breeches, we chose the  Spicy Girl Chili Tights. Made from a combination of stretchy and breathable materials, these tights feature lace accents below the waistband in the front and back. This equestrian apparel isn’t just about fashion– it’s about function, too. Silicone knee patches will help riders to securely grip the saddle. The knee patches are branded with the Equine Couture logo and include stars for a stylish touch. For this outfit, we went with the white tights with black lace accents to match the white and black in the shirt. 

Of course, every show outfit needs a show coat! The cherry on top of this equestrian apparel outfit is the  Spicy Girl Cayenne Show Coat. Made entirely from nylon and spandex lace, this jacket creates a peek-a-boo effect that reveals the show shirt underneath. Since we chose the white show shirt with black lace sleeves, spectators will be able to see the rider’s skin underneath the dual layers of lace from both the show shirt and show coat. This show coat is available in a wide variety of sizes, from extra small to 3X. 

When to Wear Spicy Girl Equestrian Apparel

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This unique horse riding apparel online pushes the envelope and takes risk in the formal and traditional world of horseback riding. So, when are the appropriate situations to wear a risk-taking look like this one?

If you’re going to a clinic or lesson, consider wearing a Spicy Girl shirt, like the  Ginger Long Sleeve Shirt. Clinics are a great time to add a little extra elegance/style to your appearance without the rules and regulations of the show ring. The Ginger Long Sleeve Shirt is a great choice for clinics. The form fitting silhouette will allow the clinician to accurately critique your equitation, while the sweetheart neckline and polka dot illusion fabric adds some fashion and fun. 

You can also wear Spicy Girl equestrian apparel at a horse show. While we wouldn’t suggest it for a recognized dressage show or in the hunter ring, the Spicy Girl collection is a look best suited for the show jumping ring, where the rules on appearance are more relaxed and fashion can come a little more to the forefront. All Spicy Girl shirts have a mock collar or zip-up collar for that formal show ring look. 

Last but not least, wear the Spicy Girl collection during your daily ride! Who says you can’t look stylish at the barn? Spicy Girl equestrian apparel like the  Thyme Long Sleeve Shirt is comfortable, fashionable, and functional. The cute keyhole cutout pushes the envelope just a bit, while the ribbed and super soft shirt is designed to feel like your favorite pair of cozy pajamas. 

Fashion Forward Horse Riding Apparel Online

Shopping for stylish equestrian apparel should be convenient. Now, you can shop the risk-taking and envelope-pushing fashion-forward clothing from the convenience of your home. Equine Couture is proud to offer the Spicy Girl Collection on our online tack store, Breeches.com. 

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