The Ultimate Winter Horse Back Riding Outfit for Women

The Ultimate Winter Horse Back Riding Outfit for Women

Winter horse back riding is all about comfort. It can be difficult to drag yourself out of a nice warm house and out to the cold barn, but wearing the right outfit can make it so much easier. Knowing you’ll be warm and toasty the entire time you ride makes it much easier to find the motivation to get out the door and over to the barn. At, we have a big collection of riding apparel for both English and Western riders. It can be overwhelming to decide which breeches, jeans, and shirts you should buy. Here’s our version of the ultimate winter horse back riding outfit. 

Look for Fleece-Lined and Water Resistant Breeches

winter horse back riding breeches

Pulling on a cozy pair of warm fleece-lined breeches can feel like such a treat when the weather outside is frightful. Take it one step further and look for a pair of breeches that’s also water resistant. If your feisty cold-backed horse decides to dump you in a snowbank you don’t want to wind up wet and frozen! We recommend the  Horze Women’s Grand Prix Thermo Softshell Full Seat breeches. These breeches can boast both water repellent fabric and a fleece lining. The silicone full seat doesn’t hurt either- we all know our horses’ inner fire-breathing dragon always seems to come during the cold months! The seamless front leg and breathable fabric keeps you comfortable and dry no matter how good of a workout your ride is. 

Inside to Outside: The Base Layer

base layer for winter horse back riding outfit

The key to the ultimate winter horse back riding outfit is layers, layers, and more layers. The more layers you wear, the more you can shed when you start to heat up while you ride. Layers can also keep you warmer than just one big jacket. Multiple lightweight layers  trap more heat in pockets of still warm air between the fabric. You want the layer closest to your skin to wick sweat away from the body so you don’t catch a chill. 

We recommend the  Tuffrider Ladies Taylor Long Sleeve Polo. This shirt has EquiCool fabric, which might make you think of hot summer days. But this technical moisture-wicking material can also be useful as a base layer. The cutting-edge technology will help to move sweat away from the body and regulate your core temperature. Just remember to pair it with a good mid-layer to stay warm.

The Mid Layer

equine couture fjord sweater for winter horse back riding

The mid layer doesn’t have to be as moisture-wicking and breathable as the base layer as it is not directly next to your skin. Instead, the mid-layer should be able to provide insulation and warmth. Stick to a thin fabric or slim-fitting cut as it will still have additional layers placed over it. Check out the  Equine Couture Fjord Sweater as a good option for a mid layer. This sweater has a flattering design that hugs your body, without being too tight, perfect for a mid layer. The slim cut also makes it easy for your trainer to judge your equitation while you ride. A quarter zipper allows you to shed some heat without taking it off, while a stand-up collar protects your neck from the elements. Contrast elbow patches are a fun design element that also add a little bit of fun to the outfit. Available in olive, black, and dark purple. 

The Mid Layer Plus

Baker Quilted Vest for winter horse back riding

On really frigid days, you may want to add an additional mid layer to keep you extra warm while mucking stalls, feeding horses, or riding. A vest is a great option for another mid layer as it protects your core and traps more body heat, without adding bulk to your arms or restricting your freedom of movement. It’s easy to take on and off so you can pull it off right before or while you ride and put it back on as soon as you get off. 


The  5/A Baker Ladies Country Quilted Vest is a great option. The quilted material traps more heat close to your core, while the Baker plaid lining and accents add some equestrian-inspired fashion to your ride. The front pockets are large enough to hold a smartphone and zipper shut to keep your belongings safe and secure. 

The Outer Layer

Horze winter horse back riding jacket

The outermost layer deflects wind and rain so it has to be water-repellent and rugged. This jacket will be subjected to the daily wear and tear of working with and riding horses. Look for a jacket made out of material that is very durable, but also water resistant. Don’t choose something that is too close to a rain jacket, as this material is not breathable and you’ll feel as though you’re trapped in a sauna before too long. 


The  Horze Women’s Winter Rider Jacket was designed by equestrians, for equestrians. Drawstrings around the waist and a  detachable hood allow you to tailor it to your needs and preferences. Reflective tape on the arms add visibility late at night or when trail riding. Made out of 100 percent polyester, this jacket is durable and extremely warm with a total of five pockets for convenience. 

Choose Winter Gloves Without the Bulk

winter horse back riding gloves

No winter horse back riding outfit is complete without a good pair of gloves. A warm and insulated set of gloves can mean the difference between dropping the reins and having a great productive ride. Not only do winter horse back riding gloves have to be warm, but they also have to allow for flexibility. Trying to ride with fingers that have a limited range of motion is not only frustrating but can also be dangerous. 

We recommend the  TuffRider Ladies Waterproof Thinsulate riding gloves. The thinsulate lining cuts down on bulk and ensures that you can move and use all of your fingers easily. With the help of an extra grippy palm, you won’t have to worry about losing your hold on the reins. The waterproof material means you could even clean your horse’s water bucket without exposing your hands to the cold. As an added bonus, these gloves are touch screen compatible. 

Stick to One Pair of Socks

argyle winter horse back riding socks

No one likes cold feet! A warm pair of socks can mean the difference between being unable to feel your toes and having a great ride. Many equestrians make the mistake of layering multiple pairs of socks on top of each other in an attempt to keep warm. Unfortunately, this actually reduces circulation in your feet and less blood flow makes it harder to keep warm. Your best bet to have warm feet while winter horse back riding is to invest in one good pair of winter socks. If you’re still cold, you can use a set of toe warmers as well. 

The  TuffRider Neon Winter Argyle Socks are one of our favorite pairs for winter riding as they keep your feet warm and look good while doing it. Available in Neon Peach, Neon Pink, and Neon Blue, these winter horse back riding socks are made of a thick soft material to keep your feet warm no matter the weather outside. With a reinforced toe and heel, they’re sure to last. 

Bonus: Winter Headliner

troxel winter horse back riding headliner

The  Troxel Winter Headliner is one piece of winter horse back riding gear that most equestrians don’t know about. This fleece-like warm helmet liner replaces your existing Troxel helmet liner and covers your vulnerable ears while you ride. Like built-in ear muffs, this headliner protects your ears against the worst of the cold, while also trapping more body heat in between your head and the helmet. One size fits most helmets and head sizes. 

Your Online Store for Winter Horse Back Riding Gear

At, we have a broad selection of winter horse back riding products. Whatever you need to get ready for the cold and frigid months ahead, we have you covered. Shop the full collection of winter riding apparel here.

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