Things to Note When Purchasing Boots: Western

Things to Note When Purchasing Boots: Western

In order to ensure the proper size, wear, and style of boot. It is important to understand them.

Western Boot Anatomy:


Things to Know:

  • The instep helps to determine the size of your boot. It covers the top of your foot. If you notice that it seems too tight, then it is best to try a wider width. If it is too loose, it is best to try a narrower width.

  • Boot Width (Not all boots on are sized with width, but if you see a box with the wording “width” or “shape” refer to the following):
    - Women’s boots are sized as follows:
    • A = narrow 
    • B = average to medium
    • C = wide

- Men’s boots are sized as follows:

- B = narrow 

- D = average to medium

- EE = wide

  • The toe box surrounds the toes. When you try on something like a sneaker or athletic shoe for example, you typically press down to see where your toes fit. This is not how a western boot is fitted. If you press down on the boot in that way, it may actually damage the boot. To test for proper fit, wiggle your toes. If they move easily around in the boot, then they fit!

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