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To All the Horse Dads: Thank You

Many equestrians are familiar with the phrase “barn mom.” Those dedicated mothers who are at every pony club meeting and cheer their kids on loudly from the sidelines. They may also throw out some advice during riding lessons – “Eyes up! Heels down!” Barn moms get a lot of love from their horse crazy kids. But somehow, horse dads tend to get overlooked. 

Just like barn moms, horse dads are at every riding lesson and horse show. Whether they ride or are just there to offer support in the way only dads can, horse dads deserve all the love in the world from their young equestrians. Horses are an expensive and time-consuming passion. Any horse dad who does their best to support their kids' love of horses deserves an amazing Father’s Day gift. 

For the Dad Who is the Best Horse Show Groom Ever

horse dad grooming at horse show

Horse dad number one goes to every horse show with the same amount of passion and excitement as he would if he were attending a major sporting event. 

Horses were a foreign language to him before you had your first pony ride. In the years since then, this horse dad has grilled the trainer on everything their young rider needs at a horse show, just so he can come prepared. 

King of the pep talk, this horse dad has perfected the pre-class motivational speech, the congratulatory hug, and the “just keep trying” discussion. 

Father’s Day gifts for this dad should make his job as the best horse show groom ever easier. 

  1. TuffRider Men’s Ruggies Boots - Treat your father to a new pair of boots for Father’s Day. These TuffRider Ruggies are designed to provide all-day comfort, so your dad can hang out at your next horse show with ease and style.
  2. Equine Couture Ringside Backpack - A big part of the job description of groom includes being a “pack mule.” Make your horse dad’s day easier with the Equine Couture Ringside Backpack. With spaces for your helmet, crop, and grooming supplies, your dad can easily carry everything you need while keeping both hands free. 
  3. Roper Men’s Leather Belt - Every groom loves to be pampered! This Father’s Day gift says “thank you for all of your help” like nothing else. The floral tooling and silver-finished buckle combine for a beautiful belt that will add class to your dad’s barn outfit. 

For the Dad Who Rides English

showjumping horse dad

English riding is a mostly-female dominated sport, but this horse dad doesn’t care. He gave you your first pony ride on the barn’s calmest lesson horse and walked with you in all of your leadline classes. Whenever you fell off, he was there to give you a pat down and put you right back on the horse. 

This horse dad is continuously faced with one big struggle– the lack of options for men’s riding gear in most English tack stores. Pamper your dad with Father’s Day gifts that include all of the English apparel he’s been searching for. 

  1. TuffRider Men’s Oslo Show Coat - This beautifully-cut show coat features cool and comfortable lightweight fabric and a unique accent trim on the collar, cuffs, and back waistline. Your dad will love the thought you put into this Father’s Day gift. 
  2. TuffRider Men’s Ribb Patrol Breeches - As many horse dads know, it can be extremely difficult to find a good pair of men’s riding breeches! These TuffRider Patrol Breeches have all the modern comforts, like contoured sock bottoms and durable high-compression fabric. 
  3. TuffRider Men’s Belmont Dress Boots - With a round toe and Spanish top, your dad won’t have to sacrifice style for function at his next horse show. Crafted with soft leather, the Belmont Dress Boot was designed with the rider in mind. 

For the Dad Who Ranches

western horse dad

Most kids learn how to play catch with their father. You learned how to fix a fence and brand a cow, instead. 

These horse dads teach their children some of life’s most important lessons right from the back of a horse. Most fathers and sons talked over dinner or beers. You enjoyed long talks with this horse dad while fixing the tractor or riding out to check fences. Some of your fondest memories probably include an outing to the local rodeo or hearing your dad cheer you on from the sidelines while you ran barrels. 

Horse dads like this one will appreciate Father’s Day gifts that are useful and practical. 

  1. TuffRider Men’s Grant Square Toe Western Boots - Gift your father a new set of Western boots that are sure to quickly become his go-to pair. The wide square toe and handmade rubber sole are designed to keep him comfortable for long working hours, while the brown leather is durable and easy to maintain. 
  2. Wrangler Men’s Cowboy Cut Work Shirt - As all ranchers know, you can never have too many work shirts! This Wrangler long sleeve shirt is durable enough to hold up to ranch work, but stylish enough to wear into town. 
  3. Wrangler Retro Straight Bozeman Jeans - A pair of good, durable jeans can be difficult to find. Make his life easier and give him a pair of Wrangler Bozeman jeans. The slim fit is sure to add extra style to the classic look he loves.

For the Dad Who Supervises

horse dad and daughter watch cows

We all know this horse dad. He may not know a ton about horses, but you bet he’s going to be at every riding lesson and horse show to support his kid’s passion. These dads have recently learned how to give a horse a treat and have spent every minute since spoiling your horse. 

The best Father’s Day gifts for these horse dads make them feel welcomed into the horse world and appreciated for all of the support they do their best to give, despite their lack of horsey know-how. 

  1. Hoofsnax Biotin Horse Treats - Your dad loves giving your horse treats. Make him, your horse, and yourself happy with these healthy biotin horse treats. Now when your dad comes to the barn, your horse isn’t just getting sugary unhealthy treats. Instead, they’re getting a dose of biotin to support healthy hooves. 
  2. AWST Stainless Steel Tumbler w/Dressage Horse - Your dad will really look the part at the barn with this tumbler. Made of stainless steel and double-wall insulated, this black tumbler with dressage horse motif will mark him as truly part of the barn community while he sips his morning coffee. 
  3. TuffRider Men’s Old Faithful Square Toe Western Boots -  What dad doesn’t love a good pair of cowboy boots? These square toe western boots are designed to keep his feet comfortable while he waits for your lesson to finish. 

Thank You, Horse Dads!

Dedicated fathers who support their children’s passion for horses hold a special place in our heart. At, we just want to say a big thank you from our family to yours. Whether your father rides, grooms, or supervises, he deserves an amazing Father’s Day gift. 

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