Science Based Nutrition For Every Horse

Equithrive pellets are scientifically proven to support equine health. There are too many products on the market today that promise to make your animals healthier, but the ingredients don't always support the claim. Equithrive horse supplements are made only with ingredients that aim to make your horse healthier, stronger, and more comfortable. is proud to work with Equithrive to bring you products like Equithrive Complete Joint Pellets, to support soundness and a healthy inflammatory response, Equithrive Hoof Pellets, to support cellular health and structural strength in hooves, and Equithrive Vitamin E Pellets, to protect muscle, brain and nerve tissues from the free radicals that are generated during metabolism and exercise.

Equithrive for horses makes it easy to shop for supplements that will make your horse healthier inside and out. All Equithrive products are produced and packaged in Lexington, KY and scientifically tested to be beneficial for horses.

Dr. Patrick Lawless, Master Formulator at Equithrive, started out as a biopharmaceutical research scientist, working directly on anti-inflammatory compounds. As an animal lover at heart, Dr. Lawless soon switched gears and got into the field of animal health. Since 2008, he has been creating equine supplements made with ingredients that have a purpose and without fillers and false claims. Shop Equithrive pellets on for a healthier, happier horse.


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