Black Friday for Equestrians

Black Friday for Equestrians

For equestrians, tack, riding clothing and stable supplies are often a pretty penny. Black Friday deals can be a game-changer. Eyeing up that saddle the past few months? Black Friday can see deep discounts so you can splurge and not hurt your wallet as deeply. Deals for equestrians can be a godsend, many weekend warriors save up their extra cash for entry fees for summer shows and the inevitable vet bills. 

What is Black Friday? 

Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving. This “holiday” stands for discounts, bogo’s, raffles, and any deal you can think of! Some of the most popular items for Black Friday include electronics, gaming systems and toys. Black Friday deals are typically found at department stores, sporting goods and electronics stores, but this phenomenon has bled into the equestrian world as well. For avid riders, tack, riding clothing and stable supplies are often a pretty penny. Black Friday deals can be a game-changer. Eyeing up that saddle the past few months? Black Friday is the time to just get it already!

Black Friday Deals

Black Friday deals come in many forms. These can include BOGO (buy one get one- gift yourself and your best barn bud), a percentage discount, free gift with purchase, purchase thresholds that include free gift cards and more! It can be overwhelming to track down where the best deal for you will be, but with a little research beforehand can be a big help and lead to great savings! 

Watch out for tack shops and online equestrian retailers sending you heads up emails and sneak peeks into what deals will be offered on Black Friday. A good start to analyze where the best deal for you is to collect all deals and finalize your wish list. Go to the places that are offering the deepest discounts on products that you want! 

What to Look For On Black Friday

All the different types of discounts can be a lot to take in. Finalizing your wish list and keeping in mind what to look for on Black Friday can become key to snatching the best deals. It can be easy to be bombarded by deals on items you aren’t necessarily on the hunt for. It can be difficult to resist the impulse buying on that new marked up sun shirt even though you already have 8. If you can control a 1,000 lb animal, you can control your buying impulses. 

When looking for the best deals, especially for items that need to be fitted such as saddles, boots, bridles etc,  look out for good return and exchange policies as well as discounts. Free shipping on orders for online retailers is another big expense that can be slashed for equestrian consumers. 

Black Friday is a great time of year to stock up on high priced items as well as 1-time use items for stocking up. This saves time and money traveling to the feed and/or tack store to replenish. Hoof picks always go missing, the self-adhesive wrap is always useful, as well as your favorite grooming products that you use all the time such as Carr & Day & Martin Dreamcoat. 

Saddles- Saddles are a big-ticket item that often see awesome deals. If you wait all year long to save up for a saddle that properly fits yourself as well as your horse, now could be the time to buy! Saddles are a necessity when riding, so spend your money wisely. Find deals of up to 50% off Henri de Rivel saddles this Black Friday!



Breeches- Breeches are always on sale for Black Friday. Breeches are not cheap, so staying up on the current fashion trends in the equestrian world can be a little far to reach. This is the perfect time to stock up on the latest patterns and colors. 



Riding Boots- Riding boots are another item that constantly changes with trends. From easy-to-care-for synthetic footwear to svelte leather tall boots, there are many styles and materials to choose from. Riding boots are most certainly a commodity during the holiday season while the rest of the year they are worn down from repeated wear and damage from everyday use. 

Riding Boots


Shirts- Riding shirts are commonly found with technical fabrics to keep you comfortable and allow for movement whether you’re schooling for your next horse show or working around the stable. From mesh ventilation to vibrant colors, TuffRider and Equine Couture offer functional and fashion-forward pieces for every equestrian. 

Riding shirts


Socks- What rider doesn’t have a million pairs of socks? If you’re an equestrian, you’re lucky to be wearing even matching height socks. Sock replenishing is a necessity for all equestrians and barn workers. TuffRider offers antimicrobial fabrics that prevent odor build-up and keep your feet happy all day long. 

height socks


Riding Accessories- Riding accessories are always small items that are easily lost throughout the year like bits, gloves, belts, jodhpurs and spur straps. Might as well save some money while you stock up! These are essential items that can complete an outfit and add some personality to your riding attire. 

riding accessories


Horse Clothing- Turnout blankets of different weights, fleece coolers, fly sheets, quarter sheets, scrim sheets, your horse can easily have a bigger wardrobe than you! With changing seasons and pesky insects, there is horse clothing for any time of year or weather. 

turnout blankets


Gear Bags- Gear bags are good for keeping your stuff clean and free from scratches and damage. Gear bags are made for tall boots, helmets, grooming items and garments. This is a great way to protect your pricey items until show day. 

Gear bags


Saddle Pads and Saddle Accessories- If you have a saddle, you need a saddle pad. Saddle pads come in many colors and cute patterns. Riders can choose from loud, neon colors and bold patterns to traditional earth tones and white show pads. Replacements should be made when pads are worn and can no longer provide adequate cushion and protection against skin irritation. 

saddle pads


Helmets- A properly fitted helmet can potentially save your life! In recent years in the show ring, helmets have proved to be a fashion element as well. Different peak details and finishes can put the perfect sporty touch on a show outfit. Find your perfect fit with TuffRider Starter and Show Time helmets! 

TuffRider Starter and Show Time helmets

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