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English vs Western Matchy Matchy Style: Who Wore It Better?

English and Western disciplines have always had a friendly rivalry. From arguments as to whether a Quarter Horse or a Warmblood is better to discussions over whether reining or dressage is more challenging, to who has better behaved horses, the debates are endless. Today, we’re looking at a different aspect of the two sports: who has better matchy-matchy horse riding clothes? 

Horse riding clothes that match your horse’s saddle pad and tack are all the rage. Equestrians of all disciplines love to dress up and will take any small excuse to buy a new saddle pad. But who can put together a matchy-matchy outfit that’s more stylish: Western or English?

Round 1: Lettia Shadow Collection vs TuffRider Abilene Collection

Let’s kick off this battle of style with the English-geared Lettia Shadow Collection and a combination of the decidedly Western TuffRider Abilene and Pendleton Collections. 

pink shirt, pink bell boots, black and pink saddle blanket against dark background of lone rider in western setting

The  TuffRider Abilene Western Shirt is available in five colors, but today we’re looking at this shirt in a beautiful almost vintage shade of raspberry. Styled for the show ring, this shirt is designed to be breathable and moisture-wicking, and also offers UV protection. This raspberry shirt will bring out the shades of pink in the  TuffRider Pendleton Western Show Blanket. Made of premium wool, this show blanket features a traditional Western design in pink, red, black, and gray. 

If your horse wears bell boots, the cherry on top of your matchy matchy outfit is the  Professionals Choice Ballistic Boot in raspberry. Tough as well as stylish, these bell boots have a Ballistic™ nylon outer cover and binding, as well as an UltraShock™ lining that protects the hoof, coronet band, and heel bulbs. To protect your horse’s legs, throw on a pair of  black polo wraps to match the black in the show blanket. The final look will have some Barbie vibes, but with enough black to add a tough edge to your outfit. 

Now that we have our raspberry Western matchy matchy look, let’s meet its opponent: a buttercup combination of horse riding clothes from the Lettia Shadow Collection. Buttercup is a unique color that falls somewhere between champagne and pale yellow, creating an overall cream-colored aesthetic. The  Lettia Shadow Saddle Pad features high-performance fill and a Coolmax lining to wick sweat away from your horse’s back. Contoured to your horse’s back, this pad is as comfortable as it is fashionable. 

Chestnut horse wearing light yellow ear net, champagne saddle pad, yellow polo wraps, and matching shirt against a dark background of buttercups

Pull out all the stops with a matching  Lettia Shadow Ear Net in buttercup. Handmade with open-weave cotton, this ear net protects your horse’s ears from annoying flies, and looks good doing it. Your horse equipment will be matching from top to bottom, thanks to a pair of  Lettia Shadow Polo Wraps in buttercup. Extra long and extra wide, these polo wraps will fit almost any horse’s legs, and are washable to extend their lifespan. 

Finally, for the rider’s horse riding clothes, wear the  Lettia Ladies Sun Shirt in a matching shade of buttercup. Quick-drying and with added sun protection (UPF 50+), these long-sleeve quarter zips are as functional as they are fashionable. Underneath each arm is a cooling open-mesh for ultimate breathability on hot summer days. 

Round 2: TuffRider Americana Collection vs Equine Couture & TuffRider Combo

Next up, we have the TuffRider Americana Collection vs a stylish combination of Equine Couture and TuffRider horse equipment. 

red shirt, red, white, and blue western blanket, floral breastcollar, and red polo wraps against a patriotic background of red, white, and blue stars.

Summer is the perfect time to be a little patriotic. The  TuffRider Prescott Western Show Blanket lets you show off your red, white, and blue horse equipment with a Western design in bright eye-catching shades. Woven with premium wool and with added wear leathers, this show blanket is designed to last. Pair it with the  Tough-1 Vintage Floral Breastcollar, which features an artful floral design in periwinkle, red, and white inset into dark oiled leather. Finish off your horse’s outfit with a pair of   TuffRider Polo Bandages in burgundy. 

For your own horse riding clothes, wear the  TuffRider Americana Western Shirt. Thanks to the red, white, and blue theme, choose between the royal and red colors. This snap-up shirt has a hidden zipper to prevent gaping in the mid-section, as well as snap cuffs and a fold down collar, making these horse riding clothes perfect for working in a professional barn or riding in the show ring. 

hunter green saddle pad, shirt, and polo wraps against a dark background showing hunter horses lined up in the show ring

Finally, we have the TuffRider and Equine Couture English horse equipment to finish off our informal contest. The Equine Couture Brinley Saddle Pad can be found in our  clearance horse tack department, so if you like this outfit, act fast! Supplies are limited. In a traditional shade of hunter green, this saddle pad features red, white, and tan accents, a contoured shape, and diamond quilting. Pair it with the  LeMieux Polo Wraps also in hunter green. These polo wraps are made of the highest quality fleece to prevent pilling, and can be used on their own or with LeMieux under bandage pads for extra protection. 

Match your horse with horse riding clothes like the  TuffRider Taylor Short Sleeve Polo Shirt. A staple in every equestrian’s wardrobe, this shirt features EquiCool technology, which both wicks moisture and provides UV protection. A classic style for the English rider, you can’t go wrong with this soft, simple, and affordable shirt– especially when it matches your horse’s equipment. Where Function Meets Fashion in All Disciplines

As the online tack store for both Western and English riders, you can rest assured that you’re getting the best deals on high-quality products. Our products don’t just look good, we’ve put them to the test both in and out of the show ring in all disciplines to ensure they stand up to the test of daily use. 

Shop our clearance horse tack section for the best deals before they disappear. 

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