Protect Your Horse’s Legs on the Trail

Protect Your Horse’s Legs on the Trail

Trail riders have to be prepared for anything. Unlike other equestrians who can pop into the barn to swap boots or simply get off if their horse is injured, trail riders may be miles from home when an issue arises. If their horse steps on a rock or slips and gets a cut, a trail rider can’t just call off the ride and wrap their horse’s foot. They have to walk the horse all the way back to the barn or trailer depending on where they are. 

This is why it’s so important that trail riders protect their horse’s legs and hooves as best as possible. The right hoof boots, horse boots and leg wraps can mean the difference between a fun day on the trail and a long slow walk back home with an injured horse. 

Protection from the Ground Up


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Have you heard the saying, “no hoof, no horse?” It couldn’t be more true. Without stalwart, strong hooves our horses wouldn’t be able to walk in soft sand, let alone on a rocky trail. Before you hit the trail, consider whether or not you may need hoof protection where you’re going, particularly if you have a barefoot horse. 

For the everyday trail rider, Cavallo makes a great everyday hoof boot called  the Trek. With built-in sole relief and a simple Velcro closure, this hoof boot is lightweight, but has a built-in tough tread designed to provide traction on the majority of surfaces. These boots are easy to fit to your horse and have a very accurate sizing system. With drainage holes on either side, these hoof boots can be worn even through rocky river crossings. 

If you’re looking for a hoof boot that’s a little more intense, take a look at Easycare hoof boots, particularly the  Easyboot Glove. For the unshod horse, the Easyboot Glove offers the ultimate protection from rocks and debris underfoot. A urethane heel sling covered in neoprene prevents rubs, while the sling designs prevents debris from getting caught between the skin and the boot and allows water to drain out completely. 

If you want to give your Easycare hoof boot a little added staying power, try adding a  bell boot overtop the hoof boot. This protects the hoof boot from wear and tear and prevents any straps from coming undone while you’re riding.  

Cushion the Cannon Bone


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A knock to the cannon bone can result in cuts, lacerations, abrasions, and, in the worst case scenario, a broken bone. The best horse boots and leg wraps will cushion any impact to the leg and protect the lower limb from slices or puncture wounds that may occur while you’re trail riding. 

For the casual trail rider who rarely encounters hazardous terrain, the  Lettia EquiFine Horse Boot is a great choice. This brushing boot protects against sticks and plants, like thorn bushes, while you ride. With a closed cell neoprene design, it also cushions some impacts, while molding around the leg and fetlock joint. Just be mindful of your horse’s legs getting too hot on a warm day. 

If you’re going to be crossing any rivers, riding on the beach, or riding through water jumps, look for a boot that dries quickly, like the  TuffRider Premium Horse Boots. These horse boots focus all of their protective efforts on the back of the leg, along the horse’s tendons. They don’t absorb water and dry quickly, thanks to their unique design. If your horse is prone to soft tissue injury, these boots provide the maximum tendon impact protection. 

Are you a trail rider that regularly goes 10 miles or more? A long day on the trail can take a toll on your horse’s legs, particularly if sand and dirt get inside their horse boots and leg wraps and irritate their skin. The  Horze Impact Flexi Strike Boots not only prevent sand and dirt from irritating your horse’s skin, but they feature a strike guard and special lining that protect from both impacts and abrasions. And, with these full coverage boots, you won’t have to worry about your horse overheating as the naturally hypoallergenic polyolefin foam is perforated for improved air flow.

If you’re a traditional equestrian, then you’ll have a love affair with polo wraps. Polo wraps are a great way to customize the support around your horse’s legs and ensure the fit is customized to their unique shape. However, trail riding with polo wraps must be done with a little bit of planning. Only use polo wraps on your horse’s legs when you know you will not be going through puddles or water crossings, as polo wraps will loosen and sage when wet.  

The Lettia Polo Wraps are extra long and extra wide, so they’ll fit the tallest horses and add extra cushion against impacts. Available in six different colors, you’ll find the perfect pair for you and your horse  here

Trail Riding Requires Real Protection


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You never know what obstacles you’ll encounter on the trail. Be prepared for anything with the right hoof boots, horse boots and leg wraps. Shop for leg protection for the trail horse from’s collection of high-quality brands at great prices, including Lettia, TuffRider, EquiFit, and more. 

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