Equestrian Gifts for the Grandkids

Equestrian Gifts for the Grandkids

What are your grandkids asking for this holiday season? When it comes to horse crazy kids, there will probably be several equestrian gifts on the list. If you’re shopping for gifts for horse lovers, we’ve compiled the ultimate list of horse gifts that’s sure to satisfy every kid, from your grandson who is taking lessons every week to your granddaughter who loves to play with her toy horses. 

LeMieux Ponies & Accessories

LeMieux Equestrian Gifts

When it comes to equestrian gifts, there’s one present that’s topping every list this year. The hottest item on every horse crazy kids’ list is the  LeMieux Pony. These ponies are like the horse girl version of American Girl dolls. Each pony comes with their own backstory and identity. Kids can shop for various accessories and outfits until the pony’s closet is nearly as big as their own. 

For example, meet  Dream. Dream is a dun pony with a dappled coat and darling white stripe on her face. This striking pony will land under the tree in her own horse box that turns inside out to become a luxury stable. Dream has her own passport and instructive care booklet, so your grandkid can practice taking care of their dream horse at home, as well as at the barn. 

Matching  accessories in a variety of colors are available, from saddle pads to fly hoods and polo bandages. Fully working saddles and bridles made from real leather are also available to purchase, making these toys educational as well as fun. 

Guide to Speaking Horse

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Is your grandkids biggest wish to become a horse whisperer? This holiday season, you can help them get one step closer to their goal with this gift for horse lovers: a book called  How to Speak Horse. In this book, horse trainers Andrea and Markus Eschbach have created easy lessons in “horse speak.” No, your granddaughter won’t start whispering in her horse’s ears. This one-of-a-kind book will introduce your grandchild to natural horsemanship and how good communication can keep you safe in everything you do with your horse. 

Bright and colorfully illustrated, this equestrian gift is perfect for youngsters working with and riding horses, and their parents. This book will teach your grandchild how they can use their posture and movement to ask a horse to go forward, stop, turn, and follow. Plus, it includes an illustrated dictionary of common horse body signals to help get kids started. 

Necklaces for Your Horsey Granddaughter

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Is your granddaughter equally horse crazy and a girly girl? The best equestrian gift for her could be one of these adorable necklaces. Plus, they make great stocking stuffers. 

For example, check out the  Precious Pony Necklace. This silver-plated Precious Pony necklace comes packaged in a colorful, velour horse head box. The necklace itself is available in four different colors: aqua, blue, clear, and pink. It features a small galloping pony inset with 11 rhinestones in the color of your choice. 

Or, does your grandkid prefer their mounts to be small and spicy? This  Prancing Pony Necklace pays homage to some of the littlest members of the equine community. A silver-plated adorably sassy pony hangs on a 16-inch chain. This horse gift would be especially meaningful for a child who just leased or bought their first pony. 

Saddle Pads

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These next two equestrian gifts may require a little bit of research to figure out if your grandchild rides English or Western. If your grandkid rides in a saddle without a horn, then you’ll want to get them the  TuffRider I Heart Ponies Pad. This diamond-quilted all purpose saddle pad is available in fun and fresh colors, like Parisian Blue and Hot Pink. The adorable pony design in the lower back corner is both adorable and practical. The pony size pad is perfect for lesson ponies. 

If your child rides Western, or in a cowboy-style saddle with a horn, the best gift for horse lovers would be the  TuffRider Cheyenne Acrylic Felt Western Saddle Pad. This pad fits under most Western saddles, with just the adorable scalloped edge and some of the ombre stripes sticking out under the saddle. Available in pink, aqua, and purple, this gift for horse lovers is made of compressed one-inch felt, which provides excellent shock absorption for your horse’s back. Durable wear leathers protect the felt’s edges and prolongs the pad’s life. 

Practical Equestrian Gifts: Breeches

black and pink breeches as equestrian gifts

This gift for horse lovers is something you can be sure your grandchild will use often. A good pair of winter breeches is worth their weight in gold on a cold winter night in a drafty barn!

You will most likely have to recruit mom and dad to figure out the right size for your grandchild. 

The  TuffRider Children’s Macy Winter Breeches feature a faux fleece lining and contrasting pockets and sock bottoms for a fashionable, but warm, outfit.

The faux fleece lining on the inside is soft and warm without being bulky or restricting movement, as the polyester/spandex mix ensures the breeches don’t get too claustrophobic. No detail is missed when it comes to these breeches– the silicone full seat is designed with a horseshoe pattern. 

Keep Cold Hands Warm

Don’t leave your grandchildren out in the cold! The  Lettia Children’s Shield Thinsulate Glove is a smaller version of one of our best-selling gloves. Designed for children’s hands, this equestrian gift is available in small, medium, and large sizes. Leather reinforces the areas where the reins sit, i.e. between the thumb and forefinger and to the inside of the pinky finger. Lined with thinsulate, these gloves are sure to keep your grandchild’s hands warm, no matter the weather. 


equine couture boot socks as horse gifts

“One can never have enough socks.” –Dumbledore

Socks are some of the most underrated equestrian gifts out there. A good pair of socks replaces those that have worn through over the past year. The  TuffRider Holly Kids Winter Socks is a three pack of adorable holiday-themed socks with scalloped tops and an extra stretch opening. Made of luxurious bamboo, cotton, nylon and spandex blend fabric, these socks are comfortable and soft. 

Upgrade this gift for horse lovers one step further with the  Equine Couture Children’s OTC Boot Sock. These socks feature a thin upper nylon sock designed to fit nicely under half chaps or boots. But, a padded foot protects your grandchild’s foot from rubs and chafing inside the boot. Crafted with four-way stretch fabric, these socks offer comfort from knee to toe. The over-the calf height provides protective coverage to your calves and helps reduce the chances of uncomfortable bunching. Plus, if your grandchild has a pair of the  TuffRider Printed Knee Patch Tights, you can get them a pair of OTC Boot Socks in the same pattern. 

Grandparents: Convenient Shopping for Horse Gifts

Forget running around from store-to-store. Get all your shopping done for equestrian gifts in one convenient place without ever leaving the comfort of your home. At Breeches.com, we have a wide variety of gifts for horse lovers, from practical presents to fun toys and books. Check out our website to cross off everything on your list– and check it twice. 

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