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Fall Equestrian Style: Outfits for Trail Riding

Fall equestrian style is all about the layers. A layered outfit is perfect for trail riding on a crisp autumn day. Just take off a layer as the day warms up or put one back on when the sun starts to go down. Not only is a layered outfit practical, but it can look ultra fashionable as well. 

Outfit #1: A Chilly Morning Trail Ride

Every equestrian knows these days– when the air is filled with a crisp breeze and the first bits of winter frost turn the last spring grass to diamonds. Unfortunately, these first crisp mornings of fall also tend to be when our horses start to really feel their oats. This fall equestrian style outfit for trail riding has a few extra details that will help you to stay in the saddle, even when your horse is feeling like airs-above-the-ground are a good idea. 

The  TuffRider Tiffany Ribbed Breech has one such detail– a silicone full seat that will add extra grip to even the slipperiest saddle. Unlike with many leather full seats, these breeches still allow you to move freely. The front pocket is big enough to hold most smartphones, so you can keep your phone on you, no matter where you’re trail riding. While these breeches come in light tan and black, you’ll want to choose black for this fall equestrian style outfit. 

fall equestrian style shirt for trail riding

Pair these breeches with the  Equine Couture Nicole EquiCool Shirt. This white and navy shirt with red accents has a fun, trendy show look. The EquiCool fabric offers effective moisture management, while the ventilated mesh fabric underneath the arms provides extra ventilation for breathability and comfort. Long sleeves will cover your arms against the morning chill, but the EquiCool fabric will prevent you from overheating as the temperature rises throughout the day. 

fall equestrian style vest

Wear the  Baker Select Vest on top of your long sleeve shirt for an autumn vibe. The signature Baker plaid pattern will be the perfect addition to take your fall equestrian style outfit from boring to bold.

Plus, a vest is a great layer for any fall ride– they’re easy to take on and off and are typically small enough to place in a saddle bag for safe-keeping. 

Finish off this trail riding outfit of the day with the  Equine Couture Cory Jacket in military olive. This color is reminiscent of earth tones and falling leaves. The quilted micro polyester with faux suede details is comfortable and soft against your skin. This layer is cozy without being bulky, making it perfect for chilly fall morning spent trail riding. 

Finally, add a pair of  Horze Cambridge Country Tall Boots to your feet. These brown fabric and leather trim tall boots are just as at home in the saddle as they are downtown. Sturdy and durable, these country tall boots have a waterproof lining to protect your feet from any puddles while you mount and dismount. 

Outfit #2: Sunny Fall Equestrian Style

Some fall days aren’t quite as cold as others. In many parts of the United States, the weather is so unpredictable that some days it will hit 65 or even 70 degrees, followed by several 50 degree days. Even on days that feel like an Indian summer, you can still rock a fall equestrian style outfit while trail riding. 

fall equestrian style minerva tights for trail riding

The  TuffRider Minerva EquiCool Tights are lightweight and soft and breathable thanks to the EquiCool technology. However, they’re available in a deep wine red so you can stay cool, while still capturing some of those autumn vibes. Mesh pockets allow you to keep your cell phone on you at all times, even when you’re not wearing a jacket. Plus, the silicone full seat will help you stay in the saddle even if your horse spooks while you’re trail riding. 

Pair your wine red tights with the  Lettia Sun Shirt in chocolate, for a look that’s full of autumn earth tones. This sun shirt pulls double duty– the UPF 50+ fabric provides excellent protection from the sun, while cooling mesh underarm inserts offer added breathability. Even though this shirt has some cooling properties, the long sleeves will help to take away any lingering chill in the air. 

fall equestrian style jacket for trail riding

Finish off your fall equestrian style riding outfit with the  Equine Couture Cory Jacket. This time opt for the wine blue color, instead of military olive. The wine blue color comes with rich faux suede details in a deep shade of coppery brown, making this jacket the perfect compliment to your wine red breeches and chocolate brown shirt.

For your feet, wear the  TuffRider Double Clear Sport Boots. These leather tall boots have a high Spanish-cut topline and a sneaker-like footbed that’s not only extremely comfortable, but is also trendy and stylish. The full-length elasticized panel and memory foam inner sole offer additional comfort, whether you’re in the saddle or on the ground. 

Outfit #3: Perfect for a Breezy Day

There’s no better fall day for trail riding than a breezy autumn day with clear skies and a bright sun. When there’s a breeze, it’s even more important to dress in layers. You’ll be surprised at how quickly you’ll become too hot if the breeze dies or too cold if it picks back up! 

This outfit’s color scheme is black, gray, and rose. The  TuffRider Perfect Knee Patch Breeches in black are made from a Modal based fabric, which is not only soft, but durable. Traditional suede knee patches offer a stylish show-ring look, but also help you stay balanced by adding grip to your fall equestrian style riding outfit. Contoured sock bottoms ensure these breeches fit comfortably under your boots. 

fall equestrian style sweater

On top, wear the  Equine Couture Morgan V-Neck Sweater in rose. This beautiful soft pink shade is muted enough for a fall outfit, while still adding some extra flair. The Morgan Sweater is very soft to the touch, which adds to your comfort whether you’re trail riding or just out on the town. Contrast elbow patches add a slight whimsical detail, as well as reinforces a high-friction area.

On top of your sweater, wear the  Equine Couture Pippa Cropped Jacket. Made from wind breaker material and lined with faux fleece, this jacket is a stylish solution to trail riding on breezy fall days. The cropped fit ensures you won’t wind up sitting on your jacket. Even though this jacket is cropped, it still has pockets big enough to hold small items, such as an extra pair of gloves, during your ride.  

If it’s an extra chilly day, add another layer like the  Roper Parachute Jacket over top of your Pippa Cropped Jacket. This Parachute Jacket is made of black nylon and is wind and water resistant– perfect for unpredictable weather on windy days. This jacket is easy to carry with you while trail riding, as it can be crushed and stored in a saddle bag. 

tall boot for trail riding

Protect your feet with the  TuffRider Olympia Field Boot. These tall boots have flex construction to allow for full freedom of movement in your heel and ankle. Despite the added flexibility, these boots still have a contoured fit at the ankle for a stylish look. Spur rests keep your spurs in the right spot while trail riding, and the punched toe cap and square toe are the perfect details to complete your fall equestrian style look. 

Stylish Trail Riding Accessories

No fall equestrian style trail riding outfit is complete without accessories! The  AWST International Snaffle Bit Pashmina is the perfect detail to keep you warm and finish off your trail riding outfit. This pashmina is made from a combination of silk and pashmina, for ultimate comfort. 

If pashminas aren’t really your style, try adding the  Equine Couture Diamond Quilted Suede Belt! This high-quality belt features contrast diamond stitching on rich suede-like micro polyester. With five colors to select from, this belt will be your new favorite addition to your fall equestrian style look. 

Your socks can add a lot of comfort and warmth to your feet while trail riding. It doesn’t hurt if they’re stylish too! The  Equine Couture OTC Boot Socks have a padded sole and ankle to protect against chafes. Thanks to the four-way-stretch fabric, these socks will fit over your calf like a second skin. While there are many patterns to choose from, we recommend the Fox Hunting graphics, just to add a little extra autumn-vibes to your fall equestrian style outfit for trail riding. 

What Are You Wearing This Fall?

How’s your fall equestrian style wardrobe coming along? Are you missing some basic fall essentials? 

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