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Horse Tack On Sale: Ring in the New Year with!

Are your riding breeches looking a little worn? Do your boots have duct tape on them? Get rid of the old and welcome the new this New Year with this sale. We’ve compiled all of our new and best-selling products from 2023 into one collection for a big horse tack sale. From December 28th through January 2nd, when you spend $100, you get a $25 gift card. Check out our top picks from this breeches sale. 

New Year’s Sale: Breeches

breeches sale, breeches on sale, new year's sale

First up on our breeches sale, we have the  Spicy Girl Chili Tights. Available in six different color combinations, these knee patch breeches will become the most stylish pair of tights in your closet. Lace accents below the waist band and in the front and back add a unique twist on traditional riding tights. They’re functional, too, with a silicone knee patch that will stop you from sliding in the saddle.


The next pair of breeches we have on sale are the  Equine Couture Techno Breeches. These breeches may look traditional at first glance, but their extended knee patch breeches offer a unique twist on a classic full seat breech. The extended knee patch runs from the mid calf through the inner thigh, but does not cover the back of the breeches. This combination is perfect for riders who are looking for a little extra grip in the saddle, but who don’t want to add wear and tear to the seat of their saddle.  

New Year’s Sale: Tops

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Start the new year and new show season with some fresh riding shirts. The  Equine Couture Linear Horses Sport Shirt is ideal for all-season schooling. Made from Moisture Wicking and UV Protection fabric, this shirt has ventilated mesh underneath both arms for added airflow. During the winter, layer up with a vest and jacket if needed. But during the summer, this shirt will help you stay protected from the harmful rays of the sun while also staying cool. 

Make a splash at your next horse show. The  Spicy Girl Cinnamon Show Shirt was designed for equestrians who are tired of blending in. Lace cutouts on the shoulders, back, and waist show a little bit of skin while also allowing additional airflow and keeping you cool. 

If you’re heading to Florida to compete for the winter show season, pack the  Lettia EquiFine Sun Shirt into your suitcase. Available in three stylish colors, this UPF 50+ quarter zip provides excellent protection from the sun. Mesh underarms add airflow and prevents sweat from accumulating. 

New Year’s Sale: Footwear

tall boots and a pair of paddock boots sit in a barn aisle, new years sale, horse tack sale, breeches sale

How are your riding boots looking? If they’re getting worn around the edges, walk into 2024 in a new pair of riding boots. The  TuffRider Plus Rider Field Boots are perfect for curvier riders who are looking for a pair of tall boots designed specifically for their body shape. These boots have two stretchable elastic gussets on either side of the zipper, so every rider can find the perfect fit! Whether in the show ring or schooling at home, these boots will look beautiful. 

If you prefer to ride in paddock boots and half chaps over tall boots, check out the  TuffRider Como Waterproof Paddock Boot. These boots will hold up to whatever you throw at them. From riding in muddy conditions to bathing your horse after your ride, the Como Paddock Boots’ waterproof leather can handle the challenge. 

New Year’s Sale: Safety Gear

horse tack, horse tack on sale, breeches sale

Safety first! Don’t learn this lesson the hard way. Stay safe in 2024 thanks to our New Year’s Sale. The  TuffRider Back Protector is a great investment for the new year. This lightweight back protector is designed to provide upper back coverage for both adults and children in case of an accident or fall. 

Do you wear a helmet every time you ride? Finances shouldn’t prevent you from being safe. The  TuffRider Carbon Fiber Print Helmet was rated #2 out of over 40 helmets tested in the 2022 Virginia Tech STAR study, outperforming helmets more than double its price. The precision dial-fit system with a detachable peak ensures you’ll get the perfect fit. The ABS outer shell provides strength and protection against possible impacts and helps to distribute and absorb the force of impact during a fall, in turn reducing the risk of injury. Internally, an EPS inner layer adds extra protection by reducing the amount of energy transferred to a rider's head during an impact. 

New Year’s Sale: Horse Tack

horse tack sale, horse tack on sale

Treat your horse to new horse tack in 2024. Our horse tack sale includes everything from saddles to bridles to saddle pads. Whatever your horse needs, you can find it on 

For example, our  Henri de Rivel Parisian Monoflap Dressage Saddle will allow you to develop that close connection with your horse that you’ve been craving, without additional layers of bulky leather in the way. If your horse is tough to fit, they might benefit from our interchangeable gullet system, which will allow you to achieve a semi-custom fit. Plus wool flocked panels will allow you to further change how the saddle sits on your horse’s back. 

Don’t worry hunter/jumpers, we have the perfect horse tack for you, too. The  Henri de Rivel Kushy Figure Eight Bridle is one of the newest bridles we’ve developed for A simple raised browband allows your horse’s natural beauty to shine. The padded, anatomically contoured mono crown piece removes pressure points across the poll. With a piece of faux sheepskin beneath the figure eight, this bridle puts your horse’s comfort first. 

Traditional equestrians will appreciate that the  Equine Couture Luxe Saddle Pad is part of our horse tack sale. Black sherpa fleece stands out against the crisp white saddle pad, while black and white candy cane-esque piping adds just a little bit of flair to the overall look. 

New Year’s Sale: Accessories

No outfit is complete without a great accessory. In the fashion world, accessories come in the form of jewelry and purses. In the equestrian world, accessories are a little more practical. The  Equine Couture Pro Backpack is the must-have accessory for the ringside groom. With pockets designed specifically with the rider in mind, this backpack easily holds your helmet, a crop, rags, grooming supplies, and more. Plus the padded straps ensure the pack will rest comfortably on your back all day long. 

Accessorize your house with equestrian décor in 2024! The  AWST International Horse-Themed Kitchen Towel is perfect for that homemaker who also loves horses. Available in blue or beige, this towel features a vintage style print of horses galloping across the background. 

Ring in the New Year with’s Horse Tack Sale

How you start 2024 could set the tone for the whole year. Start it on a good note and treat yourself to a shopping spree on’s horse tack sale. Remember, spend $100 and get a $25 gift card! Sale ends 1/2/24. 


Click here to shop the sale now.

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