How to Find the Best Jeans and Cowboy Boots for Riding

How to Find the Best Jeans and Cowboy Boots for Riding


Riding is a sport that requires grit, endurance, and perseverance. Are your jeans and cowboy boots up to the task?

Not all jeans and cowboy boots are created equal. When you’re riding a horse, you can’t expect to be able to wear any old pair of jeans off the shelf. If you’re lucky, they’ll wear out and tear after only a few rides. If you’re unlucky, you’ll get off the horse with saddle sores, holes in your jeans, and have had a very uncomfortable ride. 

Cowboy boots aren’t any better. Some western boots are made for going out on the town, eating dinner in a restaurant, and having a nice evening. Typically, this type of western boot is not designed for galloping after loose cattle, walking through the mud, and fixing fences. 

Knowing what to look for when it comes to jeans and cowboy boots for riding can save you a lot of time and money. 

What Makes a Great Pair of Riding Jeans?

jeans and cowboy boots for riding

Many fashionable jeans are made out of lightweight stretchy material that is designed to hold up to walking around town. Unfortunately, this lightweight material doesn’t last long in the saddle. 

The best riding jeans feel and fit differently from your average pair of jeans. Riding jeans will be made out of a thicker material that feels slightly stiffer, but still relaxed, under your hand. Jeans designed for long days in the saddle will have a lower ratio of spandex and polyester, and a higher percentage of cotton. This type of fabric adds durability and increases hardiness. 

While men’s jeans may be 100 percent cotton, many women will prefer riding jeans that still have a little bit of spandex. This small amount of spandex allows the jeans to fit both comfortably and snugly and allows for more freedom of movement in the saddle. 

Riding jeans should also have some “stacking” when you’re not in the saddle. This means that from the calf down, there will be some fabric build-up, where the fabric appears to wrinkle and stack on top of itself. Stacking ensures that there is enough fabric to transition from walking to riding without the jeans riding up above your boots when you’re in the saddle. 

Finding the Perfect Pair of Cowboy Boots

finding the best jeans and cowboy boots, cowboy boots lined up in a row against a wall and on a dirt floor

There’s western fashion boots designed for going out and there’s western riding boots designed to hold up to long days on the back of a horse. There are a few distinct differences between these two styles of cowboy boots. Fashion boots tend to have a higher heel, narrower toe, and a longer shaft. True western riding boots typically have a wider, square toe box that allows the foot to expand and contract for the best grip in the stirrup. 

Designed to be hardy and durable, the best western riding boots are made from real leather to increase their longevity. When shopping for cowboy boots, look for ones that have a rubber sole. While a leather sole is great for tearing up the dance floor, a rubber sole provides added traction in the stirrup and is more shock-absorbing for all day comfort.  

Our Favorite Jeans and Cowboy Boots

cowboy and horse against a setting sun, wearing jeans and cowboy boots

As a retail store selling a variety of jeans and cowboy boots designed for riding, we’ve developed a few favorite pairs over the years. These jeans and cowboy boots are designed specifically for long days in the saddle and the hard life of working on a farm. 

Tin Haul Men’s Regular Joe

These light wash blue jeans are designed for all day comfort with the rancher in mind. Instead of high rise or low rise, these jeans will come to rest on your natural waist. Designed to offer added room through the hip and thigh, these jeans prioritize comfort. The bootcut leg opening and stacking through the calf ensures you’ll have enough room for your boots both on the ground and in the saddle. 

As a bonus, the contrast deco stitch on the back pockets adds a little extra style.  

Wrangler Women’s Ultimate Riding Jean

This pair of jean’s best quality is in the name: they’re made for women who were made for riding. 

The regular bootcut fit appears relaxed while the snugness through the hip and thigh cuts a stylish silhouette. The ratio of cotton/polyester/spandex in the denim of these jeans ensures that there’s enough stretch so you can ride and move comfortably in the saddle. Stacking through the calf ensures these jeans won’t ride up over your boots. 

We can’t forget the classic Wrangler back pockets! Like all their jeans, the back pockets feature an orange-and-white stitched “W.”. 

TuffRider Women String Embroidered Square Toe Boots

A new offering from TuffRider, the Women’s String Embroidered Square Toe Boots are one of our favorites for a long day in the saddle. Their handmade resin rubber sole is water and dust-resistant, plus the square toe box allows your feet to expand and contract, so you'll be comfortable all day long. 

With these boots, you don’t have to choose between fashion and durability. The buff napa tan leather enhances the longevity of the boots, while the smooth finish means they’ll polish up beautifully with just a quick clean. The dyed fabric shaft adds a trendy and artistic touch that you won’t find anywhere else. 

TuffRider Men’s Grand Canyon Boots

Last but not least, we have the TuffRider Grand Canyon Boots. These tough western riding boots are made with cow-aged bark leather to give them a little extra class and style. A unique black embroidered shaft design is eye-catching and fashionable.

Plus, if you need ankle support in your western riding boots, look no further. Not only do these boots have a wide square toe for added foot comfort, but they also feature Cuban heels to give your ankles additional support. 

Find the Best Jeans and Cowboy Boots on

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Next time you’re looking for a new pair of jeans and cowboy boots, start with We offer top brands like Wrangler, Stetson, Dan Post, Tin Haul, and more. With a variety of styles to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect combination of jeans and cowboy boots for you. 

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