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My First Ride: Increasing Accessibility to Equestrian Sports


Equestrian sports are going through some big changes, as the industry looks to increase accessibility and introduce more young riders to the sport. Unfortunately, with the cost of attire and equipment on the rise, many would-be beginner riders can’t afford their first ride. At, we believe that providing affordable horseback riding outfits is one way to increase the accessibility of equestrian sports and share the joy of horses with more young people. 

We created the My First Ride Collection in the hopes of making horseback riding more affordable for young riders from diverse backgrounds. With this package, young riders are able to access high-quality horseback riding boots, children's horse riding helmets, breeches, shirts, and more at an economical cost. 

Economical & Comfortable Horseback Riding Outfit

A well-designed horseback riding outfit will keep your child safe, comfortable, and happy in the saddle. Unfortunately, as every parent knows, kids grow fast! Having to spend hundreds on a riding outfit for your child every year is simply unrealistic. With the horseback riding outfit included in the My First Ride Collection, you won’t have to choose between properly outfitting your child for riding and saving money. 

The My First Ride Collection includes a pair of  TuffRider Childrens Starter Lowrise Pull-On Jodhpurs. These comfortable riding pants have sewn-in elastic straps at the ankle, which hook around a pair of riding boots and prevent the pant legs from riding up in the saddle. The UltraGripp knee patches on these jods have a dual purpose. Not only do they help your child to better grip the saddle, but they also protect your child’s legs from rubs and blisters in a high-friction area. 

On top, your child can wear the  TuffRider Children’s Polo Shirt. This stylish shirt for young equestrians is made from soft cotton for ultimate comfort. The princess seams and open front collar create a fashion-forward silhouette. The TuffRider Children’s Polo Shirt is so comfortable, your horse crazy kid will never want to take it off. 

Safety First

horseback riding outfit, horseback riding boots, young child on a pony ride

Safety is paramount in equestrian sports. Horses and ponies can be quite docile and lovely for children, but they’re also big animals and may be occasionally unpredictable. Keeping your child safe while allowing them to explore their love of horses no longer has to break the bank. 

Start with a simple pair of  Children’s Performance Riding Gloves, also included in the My First Ride Collection. Available in seven colors, these gloves feature a comfortable stretchy back and grippy suede palm. Gloves are an essential part of every horseback riding outfit as they protect the rider’s hands from chafing and blisters, as well as help maintain grip on the reins. 

A pair of high-quality closed toe boots will protect your child’s little feet from big hooves. The  TuffRider Childrens Starter Front Zip Paddock Boots included with the My First Ride Collection are made of single-welt construction from a synthetic leather material, which makes them rugged and easy to maintain. The punched toe cap and topstitch detailing complement their overall classic look, while the water-resistant design will keep your child comfortable. Last but not least, these boots have a standard size heel to prevent your child’s foot from sliding through and getting caught in the stirrup. 

Finally, you can’t forget to protect your young rider’s head! The  TuffRider Starter Childrens Horse Riding Helmet is an economical and sanitary way to protect your child’s head while they ride. This helmet has a Coolmax Washable Lining to wick moisture away from the skin and make the helmet easy to clean. The inner shell has adequate air flow for optimum comfort thanks to ventilation slots. And, to ensure the helmet grows with your child, you can customize the fit thanks to an adjustable dial and chin strap. Like all children's riding helmets that we sell, this helmet is SEI certified. 

Low Cost Accessories

Does your child need to ride with a jumping bat? After paying for a horseback riding outfit, childrens riding helmet, and horse back riding boots, buying accessories, like a bat, can feel like it will drain the last of your savings. That’s why we included this  TuffRider Jump Bat in our My First Ride Collection. As one of the most popular artificial aids for the equitation and jump ring, this bat is the ideal length for encouraging horses and ponies around a course. Plus, the wrist loop helps to ensure your child won’t lose it! 


Expanding the Magic of Horses to New Riders

We believe that horses teach our children important lessons, such as responsibility, humility, and perseverance. Part of our mission as a tack store and manufacturer is to expand the number of children that get to experience the magic of horses by offering quality attire and equipment at affordable prices. 

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